Monday, 21 March 2011

All About Sarah!

I started this blog with the best of intentions and a structured plan - in my head at least. I was going to start by telling you all about tribal bellydance, then move on to tell you about us as dancers and then give you the background info on Sakura Tribal. But of course, the best laid plans of mice and tribal dancers gang aft astray and I have been seized by the moment - going completely off track in the process.

Anyway, to help you learn at  least a little about us I came up with a plan. Instead of me just warbling on and on and boring you all to tears in the process, we're going to do this in a slightly different way. This morning I e-mailed Sarah a list of 8 questions - some serious, some less so. She's been very obedient and has now e-mailed me back her answers, so you can find out all about her straight from the horse's mouth. Read on as ...


How did you first get into belly dancing?
Around 5 years ago I came across an adult learning courses booklet for a local college, There were various courses being offered and I fancied doing one of the dance courses. Not wanting to go on my own I showed my Mum to see if she fancied coming along to one of the courses. At the same time there was a belly dance course and a salsa course. We eventually, with more enthusiasm from my Mum, chose the belly dancing course. I don't know what I expected but I loved what I got!!! I haven't looked back since.

If you could take a class with anyone you haven't already learned from, who would it be and why?
There are two teachers I would love to take a class with. The first is Dulcinea from Gypsy Caravan! I love watching her dance, she is so happy and is such a beautiful dancer. The second teacher is Jill Parker. I nearly got the chance to take her class in San Francisco last summer but was ill and didn't make it to the class. I love her style of dancing.

Three words to describe how you feel when you dance?
Joyful, connected, excited.

Who or what has had the greatest impact on your dancing and why?
The teacher of the first tribal workshop I ever took, Deirdre Macdonald! In just 1 hour I knew that tribal was going to be my thing!

What's your top costuming tip?
Don't skimp on fabric!The bigger the skirt/pantaloons the better!Always make sure they are long enough too!

List five things that can always be found in your dance bag.
Zils, notebook, pen, water bottle and pain killers (I take them everywhere!)

Tell us something, anything, we don't already know about you.
As well as dancing I also enjoy art journaling and general craftiness. I have a crafty blog, where I blog about my crafty exploits.

Go Sarah! I can thoroughly recommend her blog to any of you who are interested in any type of crafting!

Now if you've been counting you will have noticed that I said I'd asked her 8 questions - but there are only 7 answers. That's because she claimed there was one that she just couldn't answer. I had really thought that she would fire out an answer straight away and I was totally sure that I knew what her  response would be! It just goes to show that however well you think you know your dance partner (or daughter!) they can still surprise you by being unpredictable. So just watch out for the Turkish Drops when I'm leading our next bit of improv, Sarah!

Just in case you're interested, here's the question that caused the indecision:

What piece of music are you totally desperate to dance to and why?

Feel free to chip in with your own thoughts on this via the comments below!

Watch out for another post soon, when Sarah is going to interview me - with a completely different set of questions.

Until then, happy dancing!

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