Monday, 21 March 2011

The Third Person

The more alert amongst you will have noticed that a third tiny dancer appears to have inveigled her way into the troupe photo in my last post - right there in between me and Sarah. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Janey Doll --- or, as she is now more widely known, Tribal Jane!

Janey Doll joined Sakura quite literally by pure chance - courtesy of a winning ticket at a bellydance show. She was made by Wendy, our talented friend, and was raffled off to support charity. She is named after a truly beautiful dancer who sadly died last summer; although I missed the show I am reliably informed that Wendy and her friend Olive performed a very moving dance in her honour - the last dance that they had all worked on together before Jane
became ill.

So, when Sakura acquired Janey Doll we also took on a responsibility - that of keeping the dancing spirit of the original Jane alive through her namesake. Quite simply where we go, she goes (apart from the odd occasion where she hides until we've gone out then throws a wild party -- claiming we had actually forgotten her of course!).

Now naturally that means that Jane rapidly became exposed to a LOT of tribal. She attended her very first tribal workshop in Glasgow back in January, learning some pretty cool moves from the divine Deirdre Macdonald (seen here with our good dancing friend Jo) and just like us she was hooked! (Coincidentally, our very first taste of tribal was with Deirdre too - spooky!!) When Jane came to us she was looking very beautiful - bejewelled and costumed - but having caught the bug she just had to be triballed up. Belts, scarves, tassels, more jewels, headwraps, bindis ..... she reckons she's not too keen on the hat pins 
stuck into her head that hold her headwrap on but we must all suffer for our art, as we keep telling her!

Now she has a new image and a new name - Tribal Jane - and is an honorary member of Sakura. She's a bit of a devil to improvise with though, as she has a tendency to nip off for a glass of vino mid dance, but we love her  anyway. So if you run into us when we're out and about look out for her. She might even pose for a photo with you!

And in the meantime let's spare a thought for the original Jane and all those dancers like her who aren't with us any more. Their feet may no longer be treading the stage but their spirits dance on in our hearts.


  1. What a fabulous post! Looking forward to hearing about more of Janey Doll's adventures (and seeing more pictures of your wonderful costumes).