Friday, 25 March 2011

Video of the Week - Gypsy Heart Tribal!

At the end of each week we're going to (try to!) post a You-Tube clip of a dance video that really speaks to us! If nothing else, it will capture some of our inspirations in one spot - and will remind us of why we love them!

First up it's the turn of Gypsy Heart Tribal. These lovely ladies are the sister troupe of the Gypsy Caravan Dance Company and are based in Portland, Oregon.

"Gypsy Heart Tribal is the new incarnation of the Caravan tribal belly dance experience created by dance legend Paulette Rees-Denis. This troupe of accomplished and experienced dancers represents a fusion of the classic Caravan vision of Tribal Style Bellydance, founded in 1991: the Gypsy Caravan Dance Company, the Caravan Dance Collective, Urban Berbers, Sister Caravan, Caravan Daughters, and the Caravan Soul Collective International.

Gypsy Heart builds on this heritage with a new interpretation of tribal belly dance for contemporary audiences and with a new generation of belly dance students. The artistry, beauty, and vision of Gypsy Heart draws on traditions—old and new— from cultures including the Middle East, Africa, Spain, and India. Carol Vance, long-time member of Gypsy Caravan, is the troupe’s director.

Bringing the spontaneous and improvisational core of Tribal Bellydance to each performance, this troupe will take you on a dance journey as old as time and as new as this moment."

(From the Gypsy Caravan Dance Company website

Enjoy ....

We just like everything about this - the relaxed style at the beginning, the hypnotic slow parts, the beautiful set-up for the second piece of music, the smiles and joy they emanate (especially during the faster tracks) and the way in which, particularly during those tribal solos, you really notice them responding to nuances within the music - not just ploughing on responding to the basic rhythm alone but REALLY dancing to the music itself.

Love it!

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