Monday, 21 March 2011


Well, here we are - our very first post on our brand new Sakura Tribal blog! It's all very exciting - and more than a little technically challenging in parts, but it's looking ok so far!

This blog is going to take you on a journey with us, a dance journey, as we work towards becoming the very best dancers we can be. It's a journey through the vibrant, engaging, hypnotic world of tribal bellydance ---- and if you don't know what that is now, stick with us and you soon will! In the words of Paulette Rees-Denis, one of our biggest inspirations and a true tribal mamma :

'...this tribal style of bellydance is life-affirming; woman-beautiful; and spiritually, physically, and creatively energizing...
Tribal is an aesthetically pleasing blend of the folkloric, nomadic, and classical dances of the Middle East, Spain, India, Egypt, but with our contemporary twist as dancers of today. Physically challenging and spiritually grounding, tribal belly dance is about the empowerment of dancers as we improvisationally and collectively dance in our circle, a community of all sizes and ages. It is a dance for every body.'

Since we discovered tribal just over three years ago we can honestly say it's changed our lives. We love everything about it -- the life, the colour, the sense of connection. Through our blog you'll hear not just about our dancing adventures (and mishaps!) but also our thoughts on tribal, our costuming exploits, our wonderful teachers, our plans for the future, the comings and goings and doings of our dance friends (now some of you are getting worried!)  - in short an amazing, magical mystery tour.

More blogs will follow very soon. So grab yourself a coffee, sit back and prepare to be drawn into a whole new world - come, dance with us and let's make this Tribal Pilgrimage together!

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