Thursday, 24 March 2011


Sakura Tribal have been seriously addicted to YIP! podcasts since - well, since as long as we can remember. Together with our dancing friend Jo we stalk cyberspace without respite, just waiting for news of the latest release, which inevitably causes squeals of uber-excitement and a flurry of text messages. As Jo messaged me the other day: 'Excitement! 2 Yips in 1 week!'.

Yes, serious addiction indeed ...

Quite simply, if you haven't checked these podcasts out yet, where HAVE you been? You need to get listening right now! Gossip (sorry, I mean news!), music, interviews (Shay Moore, Unmata, Carolena to name but a few) - this podcast has it all. So never mind reading this blog, click here and start Yipping!

Are you back now? Have you experienced the full Yip! fabbydooziness? Do you understand what we're raving about? Then I shall continue!

Yip! is the brainchild of the lovely Tammy and Mary from Orlando, Florida. Of course if you have listened obediently you will already know this. (You have listened obediently haven't you? Or do you need to sit on the naughty step? There's still time to do the right thing - just click here!) Not that we are madly promoting Yip! or anything of course .... Mary and Tammy are wonderful presenters - warm, bright and funny, they welcome you right into their lives, and their passion and sense of wonder at the magical world of bellydance shines through and gets you hooked. If you were compiling a list of folk you wouldn't mind being stuck in a lift (or elevator, for our American friends) with, then their names would be well up there (unless of course one of them has claustrophobia issues, in which case they'd have to join in by shouting through the door. Lifts make me edgy enough without anyone having panic attacks)! And of course they both have definite tribal-leanings, which endears them to us all the more!

Anyway not only do Tammy and Mary have a great podcast - they are also gorgeously generous people to boot! A few weeks ago on their tribe (on they ran a giveaway, with Mary promising to send out Yip! themed gifts to the first 5 people to comment on the thread. Well, for once I was there in time ... and then, a couple of comments later, there was Sarah too! Squeals of excitement ensued, as you can imagine! A couple of days ago (and after much postman-stalking) our parcels arrived (big apologies Mary and Tammy - we were so giddy that it didn't even cross our minds until that point that you could have sent the stuff in one big package to one of us and we could have passed it on. Of course then there would have been a big fight over who opened it, so it's probably just as well!). We were both thrilled at all of the pretties in the parcel - a Yip! magnet, Yip! cards, beautiful anklets with Yip! beads  (hand-made by super-talented Mary) in a little tin covered in yippy messages, lovely little notes to accompany it all .... we were both proper chuffed! We shall wear the anklets whenever we perform and channel your Yip-ness, girls! (Tribal Jane - see earlier blog post if this means nothing to you - has been eying up our anklets enviously, but I've told her that as she has rather straight feet I would have to pin them on, which she isn;t keen on. So I've mollified her by telling her I shall use one of the Yip! cards to make her a little dance bag to carry her zils and water bottle in).

Huge, huge 'Thank Yous', Mary and Tammy - we love our gifts! xx

If you've just discovered Yip! you'll need to get back to listening now - I reckon you've got around 40 hours of podcasts to catch up on! If you've heard them all, you can also meet the girls at Fans of Yip! Podcast on Facebook.

Bye for now - and happy yipping!



  1. LOL!! I had no idea that both of you were in the same troupe!! That's awesome!!! Your post just gave me the biggest warm fuzzies; you don't know how much we appreciate you guys listening!! I'm so glad you like the anklets - I had the best time making them. (And, no worries, neither of us are claustrophobic, so lifts here we come!) :-D