Friday, 15 April 2011

Shame-Free Blogging!

Today - Friday April 15th - is Shame-Free Blogging Day (thanks to Shay Moore for the heads-up on this one). One of her dance students, Arya, recently suffered a troll-attack on her blog, with offensive comments on her photographs. Instead of taking it lying down, she decided to standup and fight back - read her post here. She says:

'I am not ashamed of my body.  My body is strong, supple, and graceful.  It is firm in some places, and soft in others.  It rises to my demands (almost) without fail, whether I want to participate in a four-hour yoga workshop, make it through boot camp and two war zones, shimmy for two hours straight, make love with my husband, run for three miles, or stay up through the night with a woman in labor.  My body is shaped in a way that screams "WOMAN!", and I'm finally, blessedly, okay with enjoying that.

I will not be shamed!'

Go Arya!


  1. Thanks, Cayte & Sarah, for sharing this! I hope that lots of readers are inspired to continue the shame-free discussion!


  2. And thank YOU Arya for shouting out about it! x

  3. Ahhh! I just ran into this today. How awesome! Arya rules, and so does her idea of Shame Free Blogging. Thanks for supporting it!!

  4. Thank you Shay - it's a great campaign and one that we're more than happy to share and support! Cayte x