Saturday, 9 April 2011

Stitch'n'Bitch with Tribal Jane!

Cake, good company, biscuits, craftiness, cake, dance chat, biscuits, dance dvds, cake, drinks, biscuits ..... what more do you need to create a few hours of general fabulousness? Well, just throw Tribal Jane into the mix and there you have it - the perfect Saturday afternoon!

Yep, today was the day for one of our regular stitch'n'bitch sessions, and despite having no crafty projects of her own to be getting on with, Jane was determined not to miss out - ever in hope of purloining part of someone else's project to make herself a new crocheted hat perchance? She thoroughly approved of the company she was keeping - and certainly added a lively note to our session!

It didn't take long for our little tribal friend to cotton on to the fact that food and drink is a key element of a successful stitch'n'bitch and in no time at all she was joining the rest of us in tucking into Jo's delicious Moroccan lemon cake and Sarah's yummy, straight-from-the oven fruity biscuits. It also, as you can see, didn't take long for her to decide to help herself to more cake! To be honest, we really don't blame her ...

Dance chit-chat is another important part of our afternoons, and Jane was most excited to hear of Jo's plans for her next sword dance. You could say she was inspired to have a go herself - unfortunately the only sword to hand was the carving knife. Not quite what you were thinking of, was it Jo?

Now, believe it or not, we DO actually do a bit of crafting on these afternoons. Because that's really the whole point of them -- especially when Cayte is organised enough to remember her glasses. And Jane was keen to help ...

Jo has acquired some beautiful cream lace fabric and is creating a unique and very special hip scarf for a performance - adding trim, individual handmade lacy flowers and delicate little pearl beads. It is truly beautiful (and she managed to persist despite having hurt her shoulder doing sticky things at dance practice that morning - get better soon Jo!). Tribal Jane obviously agreed, although we're not sure everyone would have trusted her with those scissors so near to such a lovely creation!

Sarah is crochet-mad at the moment and has been making a few pairs of zil muffs (including some deep raspberry coloured ones for our lovely friend Janice). She is spending most of her life at the moment trawling yarn shops - both 'virtual' and real - and has an impressive array of hooks (including a Monster Hook - check out her crafty Gingerbread Bunny blog for photos - it's awesome!). She was very glad of a hand when winding her yarn - there's teamwork for you!

Cayte had a few mini-projects on the go today - splitting an Indian skirt to make panels, re-sewing some long fringing onto a tie-band (this is a bit of a yoyo project - the fringing started out on a tie band, was taken off and attached to a belt and is now going back onto a band again. The circle of life ..) and finally wanted to do a bit of crochet of her own. This last task involved a bit more wool winding; unfortunately Tribal Jane was completely fed up with this activity by this point in the afternoon and crashed out on the couch ...Luckily Jo stepped in to help here - see, that's tribal spirit Jane!

Of course, watching a few dance dvds all adds to the whole ambience of a stitch'n'bitch session, and this afternoon was no exception. We all enjoyed watching lots of tribal lovelies on the small screen, and it gave us lots to chat and compare notes about. Tribal Jane was totally engrossed and enjoyed it so much that she just had to join in with a bit of drumming on her own mini doumbek.

All too soon the afternoon was over and it was time to pack away the yarns and fabrics, needles and hooks. However, there was still one remaining treat for us - spurred on by the chat and dvds and music, Tribal Jane just had to leap into action and have a bit of a bop on her own. We really wouldn't like to pin any particular style of dance onto this one, though there does appear to be a bit of Khaleegi head swinging in there. Anyway, she's very kindly given us permission to share :

Hmmmmmm - Tribal Jane : available now for workshops and performances in your area. All-male parties not catered for. Contact her at

Joking aside, we all had a fantastic afternoon. If you've never been to a stitch'n'bitch we'd thoroughly recommend it. All you need are a couple of you and you're well on your way. And should you need anyone to wind your yarn, Tribal Jane will always travel, as long as there's food involved ..

Until next time, happy dancing!

If you're wondering who on earth this Tribal Jane person is, you can read all about her here.


  1. my goodness tribal Jane has some major neck strength!

  2. She's a sturdy little soul! ;-)