Thursday, 7 April 2011

Video of the Week - Les Soeurs Tribales!

Ooooh - so many videos, so little time! This week we're (metaphorically speaking, sadly) off to Italy to see one of our our very favourite troupes and great inspirations - Les Soeurs Tribales! Dancers from this professional Milan based company have studied with a vast array of  teachers including intensively with Paulette Rees-Denis of Gypsy Caravan. They perform both fusion and improvised tribal style, with the latter including both 'Old School' format, where the Gypsy Caravan influences are very strongly evident, and their signature 'LST' improvisational format.

We make tribal bellydance our way of life. We are a tribe , wherever we go, whatever we do, both on stage and in everyday life, our gestures, our words, our mutual devotion and affection affect the eyes and hearts of those who look at us. Within Italian dance we are distinguished by not only the originality of our dance, but also for our way of life that is based on sharing.'

Quote taken from Les Soeurs Tribales website - rephrased slightly by us as Google Translate resulted in a rather unwieldy version!

Our video this week is of an improvised performance from just over a year ago, where you can see clearly both Old School and LST moves.


So, why have we chosen this particular video?

Well, we love to watch these girls improvising. They capture the essence of the Gypsy Caravan moves beautifully - moving with strength and intention but also with true grace and 'flow'. Significantly, when they move on to dance within their own format their creativity and unique interpretation of the dance is apparent , but at the same time they manage to maintain that fabulous Gypsy Caravan essence of ease and effortlessness (effortless to the untrained eye, we hasten to add. We know just what goes into making those moves look so good!).

Quite simply, they inspire us!

If you haven't heard of Les Soeurs Tribales before then learn more at their website, Facebook page and You Tube channel!

We would just love to take workshops with these girls, so it's looking like a trip to Milan may be in order.

Unless of course, Chris and Mandy ........????!!!!!

Until next time, happy dancing!

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