Friday, 29 April 2011

Video of the Week - Samaya Tribe!

This week we're off to Seattle, Washington to share some dancing with the lovely ladies of Samaya Tribe. Genevieve DuPuy, one of their founding members, used to dance with InFusion Tribal (one of Cayte's first tribal 'crushes' - she used to watch their demo video over and over again just longing to learn that style of dance). InFusion disbanded in 2010, but as the dancers went their separate ways they became involved in some equally fabulous troupes. Samaya Tribe is definitely one of our very favourites!

"Samaya Tribe
A tribal bellydance collective with a focus on creating a vibrant and joyful improvisational dance experience.
Samaya Tribe is based out of Seattle, Washington and features a collective of dancers hailing from the city as well as areas both north and south of Seattle. Although the group formed in April of 2010, they have danced together for several years in a variety of performance troupes and classes. The troupe is passionate about sharing the art and joy that is improvisational tribal bellydance with audiences across the Pacific Northwest and beyond, and continually strives to contribute to, support and nurture this wonderful bellydance community that they hold near and dear to their hearts."

Samaya Tribe website

Once again several beautiful videos to choose from, but in the end we went for this one - firstly because Cayte has a bit of a thing about videos shot outside, and secondly because we particularly LOVE the first piece of music (it's on the sakura performance list for future reference!).


So much to love about this! we love the way each girl is 'showcased' in her own short solo at the beginning - but is also supported by the tribe so that she isn't alone. We love the way in which the dancers interact with one another and the audience, and the way in which, especially during the solos, their own personalities 'shine through'. They are very much together as a tribe but have still maintained their individuality.We also love the way in which the girls have used moves from different formats but have done so thoughtfully and from a strong base, which has resulted in a reflective cohesion rather than a manic 'hotch-potch of all the moves they simply fancied doing. And of course we love once again that effortless flow to their dance.

Thank you Samaya Tribe - you're absolutely fabulous.

You can find out more about Samaya Tribe at their website here and Facebook page here. Genevieve DuPuy is also a dance teacher; check out her Facebook page here and website here.
Until next time - happy dancing!

Thanks to Samaya Tribe for the images in this post

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