Friday, 15 April 2011

Video of the Week - Two for One Week!

Yes folks - this week you not only get a troupe of beautiful dancers, but also a group of fantastic musicians! And not just one video - but two (cos we couldn't make any type of rational decision about which you needed to see most and we just love them both!). So you are really in for a treat!
Without further ado, let's get into the first video :

The dancers you're seeing here are Portland based ORIGIN (check out their website here.) Now, we have loved these ladies -and these videos - for quite some time now, but having heard this week that they are all going separate ways and are off to do their own respective things (please correct us if we're wrong here - we read it on Facebook ...) we thought it was a particularly pertinent time to make them 'Video of the Week.

The musicians in the video are NEGARA, who once again are Portland based - learn more about them here. If you are familiar with the musicians of Gypsy Caravan and Mizna you'll recognise a few faces!

'Negara creates a unique world-infused blend, with influences ranging from Middle-Eastern, North and West African and Spanish to rock, jazz and blues.  The music allows inventive strings and horns to ride over tightly knit percussion that can span the range from delicate to intense, from mesmerizing to infectiously danceable.  The music is rooted in ethnic tradition yet is thoroughly contemporary.'
Negara website

Time for video number two :

Watching these videos reminds us of those pavement paintings in Mary Poppins - the atmosphere they create is so strong that you feel that you could just step right into them.  The combination of laid back, hypnotic music and mesmerising, effortless dancing carries us right into that park - we are sitting right there on the grass in front of the stage, basking in the warm sunshine and just chilling!

Just as an aside, we also LOVE the  costumes the girls are wearing here. Although the full traditional outfit of pantaloons, biiiiiiig skirt, choli and tribal bra is pretty spectacular, these videos really highlight the fact that simpler can be just as beautiful - especially where it matches the whole 'feel' of the dance, music, venue and audience. Gorgeous!!!

So, there are your videos for this week - we hope you enjoy them as much as we did.

Keep your eyes peeled for a mid-week (or maybe even sooner!) blog - we can feel one coming on!

Until then, happy dancing!

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