Sunday, 15 May 2011

Get Well Soon!

Why, you may ask, is Cayte here blogging when she should be wrestling with false eyelashes, concreting bindis to her head and festooning herself in her new, never-seen-in-performance pantaloons and dress ready for a bit of improv at Lowton hafla this afternoon?

It is very sad.

Sarah is poorly..

Now , if you know Sarah, you will know that she has danced through many illnesses - who can forget the time time we danced at Yorkshire Bedazzle, in the full throes of flu? We left immediately after our performance (which luckily was an early one) and then had a fun filled drive back over the Pennines with raging temperatures, aches, pains and dizziness.

But on this occasion performing just can't be done.

So instead of starting the long make up ritual, here I am with my wet hair wrapped in a towel, blogging!

We are both very sad for several reasons ...

1) We have really been looking forward to performing today.
2) We love performing at Lowton hafla!
3) We were really looking forward to wearing our new costumes!
4) I have green fingernails to match my pantaloons. Unfortunately they do not match anything else.
5) I will now have to iron a whole new outfit!
6) We were really looking forward to catching up with lots of friends.
7) We love the food at Lowton hafla!

Well, to be honest 6) and 7) only really apply to Sarah - I'm going anyway, and am just coming out in sympathy with her. And no, don't be silly, I am NOT soloing!! But I am going to enjoy chilling and relaxing and enjoying all the improv and bopping during the discoey/drummy bits. I am going to take lots of photos and do a blog so that Sarah can pretend she was there. I also have to deal with the thorny issue of which outfit to wear to tie together my green performance fingernails and my high purple velvet boots?

Decisions, decisions ......

On a serious note, it's always sad when you're geared up and ready to perform and then are ill. You  feel rotten enough, and sad that you're missing out - but also really grotty because you feel you've let folk down. Well, Sarah, we all understand and would just like to say :

I shall be back later with hafla photos and stuff.

In the meantime - happy dancing! (Or not, as the case may be ....)

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  1. Hope you feel better soon Sarah, we missed you today Xx