Saturday, 14 May 2011

Video of the Week - Bex!

Now as you all know, Sakura are group improv girls - but that doesn't mean we can't appreciate other forms of bellydance too. Only this week Cayte came across a sublime video from the recent Henna & Spice hafla in Birmingham, which we just HAVE to share with you. It's a bit of Dark Tribal Fusion from the divine Bex, a teacher and performer from the West Midlands here in the UK. If you're based over here, you will no doubt have heard of her (she was recently the very deserving winner of the Fusion Soloist category of Miss Bellydance UK). If you're from further afield and haven't seen her work, then watch out for her -she's amazing!

"A life-long member of the UK Goth Scene and  ex-DJ for one of the country's top goth nights, Bex has been able to use her passion for exquisite clothing and alternative music to add a much spookier twist on Tribal Fusion Bellydance."

"Combining traditional bellydance formats and Tribal Fusion with the dark essence of Gothic subculture, dark Tribal bellydance is an organic, ever-evolving style that is increasing in popularity across the globe. Bex delivers dramatic theatre through serpentine movement and mechanical motions."
Bex's website

Without further ado we shall hand you over to Bex. We won't say "Sit back and enjoy", but rather "Slide to the edge of your seats and prepare to be sucked into your screen by some Satanic slinkiness!' :

Wow! How fabulous is that? We love Bex's whole quality of movement and response to the music - and of course, sublime technique. Her quick tempo changes are awesome - for example at 1:01 where she suddenly swings from reeaally slow and slinky into a fast dramatic turn (we loves our tempo changes!). Although in some ways this performance isn't as overtly scary as many of her others (believe us, there were some pretty chilling stares going down during her performance at Raqs Britannia last year!) it has a really haunting, vintage-gothy feel to it - almost harking back to the old black and white horror movies (which lets face it, were always the best!).

Having seen Bex dance 'live' we also love the way she interacts with her audience. She somehow manages to maintain a proud, aloof air without losing very real contact with people watching her, - not just via those scary stares either, but by a variety of expressions challenging you to walk on the dark side with her.

She is also 110% committed to her development as a dancer. Only the other week she was there sweating alongside us at a Pauline Qu workshop (well, we were sweating - she looked as cool as a cucumber, with flutters to die for!). Her disciplined training regime put us all to shame - and boy, does it show!

If you want to find out more about Bex check out her website here. There's a host of information there, including her biography, blog and upcoming workshops and performances.

Thank you for sharing your dance with us Bex - you're amazing!

We'll be back with you all soon. In the meantime - happy (and spookily dark!) dancing!

Thanks to Bex for the images in this post

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  1. seen her last night ...mesmerising xxx