Friday, 6 May 2011

Video of the Week - Gypsy Rain!

Well, in recent weeks we've visited the UK, Italy and America - so this week we thought it was time for a trip to see our dancing sisters down under!

The first of our featured Australian troupes is Nina Martinez's  'Gypsy Rain', from Queensland :

"Tribal bellydance is an improvised dance format where we learn moves and formations to create a circle of mesmerising dancing women- swaying hips, graceful arms , rich, colourful skirts, tribal jewellery ...... a contempory, vibrant tribal dance style.
Our tribal style is based on the Gypsy Caravan format."
Gypsy Rain website.

Nina has achieved her Collective Soul 4 and Teacher Training Level 3 certifications in the Gypsy Caravan format, and was a part of their fabulous performance at last year's Tribal Fest. Her diary on the Gypsy Rain website really speaks to us - and for us - in terms of the whole Gypsy Caravan experience. In her own words :

"Somehow Paulette has managed to capture the romance of the folkloric style and marry it with ATS elegance to create a vibrant, original style."

"I think this dance we do is like a living force, that draws women from all corners of life into a vortex of colour, passion and devotion. 
 Once you start on the path it’s a heady spiral up."

"Paulette seemed to be talking Italian where we were speaking French, our language was similar yet there was this difference, hers seemed warmer, sunnier. Her frame is different, her count is different, her philosophy is different. Her philosophy of dance is very community minded, it's about everyone in the group being special- everyone with their own grace to share and be appreciated."

"It (Paulette's teaching) seems to have softened our approach, its not quite as fierce, rigid and cool in approach. She has added a big pinch of spice and happiness into our dancing."

Check out the full article here.

Nina, you have given voice to everything we love about this dance. Thank you!

And now for some dancing!

Beautiful, beautiful dancing ladies! 

Once again this video really captures that wonderfully effortless feel, with some gorgeous formations and transitions (including Yasmeela's Combo - one of our favourites - done in two lines). The costumes go together to give a vibrant rainbow effect - we especially like it when the girls first move into a line and you see all the colours together ( and as you all know we LOVE our colour!). Oh and Nina's snake arms at the beginning are so fluid and languid - snake arms to die for!

But above all else what comes across is that the dancers are really together - not just physically, but also emotionally, in terms of what dancing together means to them.

Thank you so much for sharing your dance with us ladies!

We'll be back to Australia in a few weeks time, as we plan on featuring another Queensland troupe, Tribal Blossoms - so look out for it!

Until next time, happy dancing!

Thanks to Nina Martinez and Gypsy Rain for the images in this post


  1. Love the video of the week idea (might have to steal it;-) and have enjoyed seeing gorgeous dancers from around the world. Thank you for a really entertaining blog x

    Ps: Whatever you've done has worked I can post comments - be warned.

  2. Thank you Jo - it's great to have comments on the blog. We are feeling technoligically triumphant now we've sorted that glitch!
    We're back to the UK for our 'Video of the Week' this Friday - it's fabby!! x