Friday, 3 June 2011

Video of the Week - Gypsy Fire!

Thoughts of zilling have totally and utterly consumed us this week! Following last week's 'Tribalation!' post both Sabine and Renee (of Amazon Heart) posted to share with us how they use different zil patterns in their improv, and they really inspired us - thank you ladies! Renee also pointed us in the direction of another video from this year's Tribal Fest, and we loved it so much that we've made it our 'Video of the Week'!

So here we are, off to the Pacific Northwest again (ahh, if only!) to visit the beautiful dancers of 'Gypsy Fire'.

"Gypsy Fire was formed in 1998 in Bend, Oregon, by director Quinn Donovan Fradet ...... While our roots are firmly planted in the structure set out by Carolena Nericcio and FCBD, we have begun to adopt movements of various dance stylings, and have adapted them to our troupe's dynamic, thus creatiung our unique 'voice', much like the Gypsies (Rom) we honor in our name ...... Improvisation is the key to creativity in a style which strives for uniformity of presentation. The soul of ATS is communication among the dancers which is expressed in the group nature of the dance. dancers often feel a deep connection with their dancing partners, a connection forged through dance, which creates a bond of sisterhood within the group. This trust and communication is often evident to viewers: many comment on the connection, the synchronous movement and the joy we share in dance!"
Gypsy Fire website

And so we hand you over to the lovely ladies of 'Gypsy Fire' :

Plainly and simply, just beautiful dancing! You can see the connection between these girls, and can feel their joy in dancing together - fabulous! All that spinning and twirling skirts just adds to the overall feeling of happiness and we love it. Particularly during the last track some lovely formations and passes fit perfectly within the whole mood of the piece. This is our favourite kind of performance, where the dance is allowed to speak for itself as opposed to being swamped by wild music, wacky costumes and out-there themes (We're not saying we hate these elements per se, but sometimes when you see one such performance after another or when you see a troupe that seems compelled to pull out one off-the-wall performance after another it does give us brain ache!).

Gypsy Fire also use a range of patterns in their zilling - Renee (Amazon Heart) explained after our last post that they work with different zill patterns for different movement families --- and Sakura are very excited about having a play with that!

Just before we close, there was another quote on Gypsy Fire's website, on Quinn's profile page that really spoke to us. She says :

"To say I couldn't imagine my life without dance is no over-statement. The joy I feel in dance, the connection to my dancing sisters and the creativity i am able to express are indispensable."
Gypsy Fire website

Amen to that! It really expresses how we feel about our dance too - which is maybe why we have chosen, coincidentally, the same quote to represent Sakura as Gypsy Fire :

"To watch us dance is to hear our hearts speak"
                                               Hopi Indian saying

To find out more about Gypsy Fire, visit their website here.

Until next time, happy dancing!

Thanks to Quinn Donovan Fradet and Gypsy Fire for the images in this post

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