Friday, 17 June 2011

Videos of the Week - Make Up!

Sarah with full hair and make up
Yes, a bit of a change for our Video of the Week this time around! Inspired by her success on the false eyelash front, Cayte has decided it's time for her performance eye make-up to get an overhaul in general, and has been trawling both old favourites and new finds on You Tube for a bit of inspiration (not to mention the photo galleries on - in particular the Make Up and Hair for Dancers tribe).

Cayte - pre-false lash days!

Do you have any idea how many make up demo videos there are on You Tube? Thousands! It's a maze out there! With that in mind we've just chosen a few examples from the channels we like the most, to point you in the right direction. However, first of all it's time for a Very Special Video :

False lash success!
This, my friends, is The One. This is the video that helped Cayte to conquer false lashes once and for all. Bending the lashes before you put them on certainly helps, and putting glue on your hand helps you to get exactly the right amount (We did find a video that advocated putting glue straight onto your eyelids - eek!!). Cayte uses a cotton bud to press the lashes down, rather than a pointed object (!) but other than that, this method really does seems to work (well, it only took Cayte a couple of minutes to apply her lashes on Saturday, so something was going right!). Yes, this video changed Cayte's life!!

Now, onto more general make up. Whilst most of these videos could be useful to any dancer we have of course chosen them with tribal in mind - because that's our style. We couldn't believe our luck when we found this one - specifically aimed at tribal dancers :

Our friend Jo in full
make up
 This is a more general sort of video - she doesn't go into precise details, for example, about how to apply your eye make up - but it's particularly ideal for dancers who maybe are just dipping a toe into the water and need some inspiration. She also does a few tribal markings - but of course you can play around and do even more elaborate ones - swirls, spirals, the only linit is your imagination. Her final look is beautiful! We also like the colour-corrector tip (many moons ago Cayte used to use a lilac coloured corrector which really helped brighten up her complexion. It was a Body Shop one, but she hasn't seen it lately. Do any of you know if there's anything similar available now in the UK?).

Now - it's all about the eyes! Cayte has a bit of an obsession with green, so with that in mind :

  This look would just go so beautifully with Cayte's green pantaloons! The girl in the video goes into lots of detail about the products, tools and techniques she uses, which is great. However, although we LOVE the glitter effect on her lids, we think we'd be a mite more comfortable using a proper glittery eyeliner there rather than going for her 'eyelash glue and craft glitter'option! She does have a blog with more ideas - check it out here.

Now, having satisfied Cayte's green yearnings it's time for a bit of purple for Sarah :

This video is from Misschievous' channel; she has lots of other inspirations, both more dramatic and more subtle on You Tube and on her blog. Once again she goes into lots of detail, including about what colours to place where - and gives us a demonstration of the 'sticky tape trick' to ensure you get clean lines. And once again the finished effect is beautiful!

Believe us, we've only touched the tiniest tip of the iceberg as far as You Tube make up videos goes - just have a look for yourself. Try typing in 'Smoky Eyes' or 'Arabic Eyes' - the results are quite overwhelming and it's hard to know where to start. If you find any really good ones please feel free to point us in their direction! One other channel deserves a mention here - take a look at Lauren Luke's Panacea channel. Lauren is a Geordie lass who shot to cosmetics fame through her You Tube videos, and her demonstrations are well worth checking out. She has also written a  make up book which is really readable and useful for all types of make up. And of courseif you're wanting some tips specifically for when you're under those bright spotlights, Princess Farhana is bringing out a stage make up dvd later this year too!

So, there you have it - a few inspirational starting points for you to go away and have a play with. Of course, these are just our favourites and you may prefer a different look. It's also important to remember that not all shades suit everyone, and depending on the colour, shape and size of your eyes you may need to go lighter or darker so that they don't disappear when you're under the spotlights. Although these videos name specific brands and shades of make up, you don't need to stick slavishly to those- just have fun!
And above all, please don't be afraid of make up. It really is an important part of your overall look (together with hair and jewellery of course!) and is so much more than just the icing on the cake. Mess around with it, play with it, enjoy it!

The next Video of the Week will be back to dance -- but there may well be blogs coming up about hair, bindis, jewellery ---- shiny things!
Until then, happy dancing!

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  1. I have been doing more browsing - this one from panacea shows her doing those lovely eyeliner swirls. I do think the ones in the promo picture look better than the ones she does on the video -but then she does work at lightning speed :

    I also have to confess a bit of a passion for these lips!

    Cayte x