Saturday, 2 July 2011

Video of the Week - Moirai Tribal!

We're back to the UK this week, to take a look at the beautiful ladies of Moirai Tribal - Jesse and Philippa. Based in London, Moirai are an ATS troupe who are in high demand all over the country for workshops and performances (Jesse is actually teaching and performing in Liverpool TODAY folks!).

'MOIRAI are Jesse and Philippa, two women with a love for American Tribal Style belly dance. A London based dance troupe and FCBD Sister Studio, MOIRAI’s philosophy is simply to keep true to ATS while having as much fun as possible doing what they do! Individually as well as within MOIRAI, they teach weekly classes, run workshops and perform both locally and internationally.'
Moirai Tribal website.

Our first video showcases Moirai in performance at last year's Dolmen Grove Benefit in Essex :

This video not only shows what beautiful dancers these two ladies are, but also captures the elegance and dignity of ATS styling. The girls also move together with perfect synchrocity - I've just been re-watching it, and, for example, in the Chico during the fast part of the dance their body lines
and timing are immaculate. They are just so together - right down to the really sharp ending! Wonderful improv!

Our second video this week is a little different. Earlier this year Carolena Nericcio, creator of ATS, came over to the UK to lead some training and to perform at the Tribally Inspired show. Moirai took part in this show, along with many other ATS Sister Studios from across the country :

Sister Studios are those ATS  teachers who are totally committed to Carolena's philosophy :

'Sister Studios are graduates of General Skills for ATS, ATS Teacher Training.These teachers are dedicated to presenting ATS as created and developed by FatChanceBellyDance director and master teacher Carolena Nericcio.Sister Studios do not blend ATS with other styles of dance, tribal or otherwise.They present ATS only, or clearly separate ATS from the other styles of dance they are presenting.Our goal is that you, the student, should be able to attend an FCBD ATS class anywhere in the world and receive consistent, quality instruction.'
FatChance BellyDance website

This beautiful video demonstrates perfectly what ATS is all about - because of their shared vocabulary these ladies were able to get up there and dance together with the minimum of  practice together. Fabulous!

If you want to find out more about Moirai, including where they'll next be performing/teaching then visit their website or Facebook page.

Sorry the Video of the Week has been a little late this time around - it's been a bit of a hectic week! Still, I'm sure you'll agree it was well worth the wait!!!

Until next time, happy dancing!

Thanks to Moirai Tribal for use of the images in this post


  1. And a big 'Thank You' to Jesse (and Lisa) for some beautiful dancing in Liverpool last night! Cayte xx

  2. I am so lucky to have them as my teachers!

  3. I love watching Moirai dance- grace and technique to aspire to.

    The sister studios performance at Tribally Inspired was wonderful.I didn't want it to end.