Sunday, 28 August 2011

Video of the Week - Cayte's Top Five!!!

Ok ok ok , I'll admit it. It's been an exciting weekend of dance, laughter, friends, food and fun and the Video of the Week thing escaped my mind completely!! Soooo - something a little different this week. I'm off to You Tube to find my top 5 favourite You Tube tribal videos ..... I may be some time .....

Oooooh - so many to choose from!!! Now ---- do I do a countdown like the top twenty just to keep you all in suspense? I think so!

[DISCLAIMER : This is my Top Five as on Sunday August 28th 2011. It may have changed completely by Monday  August 29th. Or even within the next five minutes. Not that I'm fickle or anything ..]

Woohoo! I'm back ... and it really was MUCH easier than I thought! I have LOADS of videos and groups that I love but there really are some that stand out as true inspirations and loves and it was easy to pick just five .... not as easy to put them in order of preference but hey, I'll have a go!


'I'm in love. Don't ask me whether I prefer the music or the dancing, because I would not be able to decide. They are both exquisite, and almost inseparable. I could listen to this all day long. I could watch this all day long. Luscious. Sensuous. Compelling. A siren's call from our primitive past, pulling at our hearts. Come back. Back to the jungle, to the earth, to the hearth and heart. Come back.'

As it says in the You Tube video description above, exquisite! I love the whole feel of this video, and the mesmerising blend of music and movement. Hypnotic, sensuous, it conjures up images of warm summer days, soft green grass. blue skies, contentment. All's right with the world ....


Sigh. I am just SUCH a  fan of Happy Tribal and these girls do it so beautifully. Those amazing smiles for both one another and for the audience just scream out 'We love what we're doing!' and you have to smile along with them! Add to that shimmies to die for, drool-worthy tucked skirts, fantastic musical choices that really get your hips swinging along with theirs and fabulous dancing and you have one great video pick-you-up and heart warmer! If this doesn't get you grinning from ear to ear then nothing will!


I love all of these ladies videos, but this is one of my favourites because you get two for the price of one! Firstly they dance 'Old School' Gypsy Caravan improv, working together beautifully and seamlessly - I just love watching them cascade the moves from one to the other. They are such fluid dancers! Then you get to see them dance LST, their own format which they have developed from Gypsy Caravan; you can see how they have used the GC building blocks and moves to devise their own style and unique take on the dance. I think they do this brilliantly and it makes my heart sing to see the beautiful dance gift that Paulette has given to us being taken, shaped and shared back in this way - and all with our tribal mamma's blessing...


Now this was a real contender for the top spot ... these girls are one of my fave raves of the moment and I just adore this video! There is so much individual personality shining through here as they interact with one another and the audience, the music is fabulous (Sakura have their eye firmly on it for an upcoming performance) and their dancing is just wonderful --- again so fluid and together. It's another one of those videos that makes my heart sing and it's well up there in my top 5!!

And so --- we are at Number One. My top video. What could it be? Who could it be? Yes, some of you may already have guessed ... I'll give you a wee clue in case you're not there yet. The intro to this video just gets me on the edge of my seat, holding my breath, waiting ... just wishing I was there .....

'The next group, from Portland, Oregon and the world beyond .....'

Oh yes.


Seriously, how could it have been anyone else? Here she is, our tribal mamma, one armed and radiating love and happiness as she dances with not only her Gypsy Caravan dancers but also with members of the Caravan Collective from across the world. Every time I watch this video I notice something new --- a new smile or glance between the dancers or out to the audience, the look of sheer pride on Paulette's face as she watches her dancers. Every time I watch it I feel that connection, not just contained within the group but reaching out to draw in the audience. This is the dance that makes my soul sing!

So there you have it - my top five videos at the moment. Yes, yours will probably be completely different and that's only natural. You may well think I've missed people out - but I can only follow my heart and these are the ones that really, truly speak to me. Looking at them now, and having gone through the whole process of thinking about them and  selecting them has actually reinforced and taught me more about what I'm looking for in my dance - but that's a whole other blog! For now I'm going to curl up with a coffee and just bask in the sheer sublime enjoyment of watching these videos again!

Until next time - Dance the dance that makes your soul sing!

Cayte x

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