Sunday, 21 August 2011

Video of the Week - Imajica!

'Lit by the fire...powered by the hips.'

What images does this conjure in your mind? Powerful words indeed, for an equally powerful group of dancers. Imajica, formed in 2005 and hailing from Hertfordshire in the UK, consists of Horizon (Samantha) and Mneme (Jo), who have recently been joined by a third member. Julia. They specialise in contemporary and jazz fusion bellydance and also are the most awesome fire dancers:

'Embracing their darker side they will entertain you with their undulating hips, an alluring stage presence & sensuous energy. Imajica blend the beautiful dances of the East with the raw energy of the West. They will ignite you, fire your soul & leave you mesmerised by the fusion of music & dance!'

WE have to admit a total fascination with fire dance. It all began when we saw Awalim in Glasgow several years ago ------ the lights in the room dimmed and slowly, sensuously, the girls appeared from behind us, palm flames flickering and casting strange, leaping shadows across the walls .... That's the only time we've ever seen it 'in real life', but we cannot deny trawling You Tube relentlessly to find more, and the videos of Imajica are among our most watched!

So not only to indulge us but to ensure that you are all hypnotised by these girls too, let's get the ball rolling with the first  of two videos of their fire performances!

We've chosen this video, of Imajica dancing with palm flames, because of the incredible atmosphere it evokes; on their website the ladies describe their fire shows as 'both opulent and mesmerising' and we really couldn't put it any better! The lighting, quality of movement, flickering flames and music combine to create something that is simply magical.

Our second video, using fire fans, has a slightly different atmosphere:

The brighter lighting and more uptempo music here mean that you don't get that same dark, almost eerie quality to the video - but also bring advantages too! Firstly, you can fully appreciate the quality of the dancing - the strength of movements really embody that phrase 'powered by the hips'. The ladies dance beautifully and seamlessly together, moving and spinning around one another apparently effortlessly (no mean feat we're sure with a blazing fan in each hand!). You can also really see how they manipulate the fans, spinning them around and in and out of each other. Again on their website Imajica talk about the way in which :

'Dancing with fire in your hands evokes something deep within  your soul
that screams to be set free'.

You really get a sense of this from the energy in these performances. We just love them!

Now we really would be doing these hugely talented ladies a disservice if that was all we showed you - because of course, fire dancing isn't all that they do! Last year we enjoyed a fabulous jazz fusion performance from them at Tribe Vibe in Aylesbury, and a flick through their videos shows all manner of other great fusion dances too.

So just to whet your appetite, here's an example of their contemporary fusion :

Two things really strike me about this performance. The first is, once again, the strength and power of the dancers hip movements! The second is the grace with which they turn and move around the stage. The contrast between the two elements works really well, resulting in a fabulous performance. Thank you ladies!

If you do a quick You Tube search you will be able to find lots more  performances by Imajica. You can find out lots more about them, including about classes and also their work with the fantastic Can Can Collective on their website here and also on their Facebook page here. So get yourselves a cuppa, settle down to a bit of browsing - and enjoy!

That's about it for this week! There should be another post over the next few days, all about tribal hair and headwear - ideas,hints, photos and links to a few places where you can buy some rather fabulous hair decorations! I'm just waiting for clearance on using a couple of images then I'll be ready to publish!

Until then, happy dancing!

Thanks to Samantha Hough & Imajica for use of the images in this post

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  1. Thank you for such a lovely review of us, we are so pleased to be chosen to be on here and you really have summed up all i try and capture when creating choreographies!!!

    Sam ( Imajica Dance Company )