Saturday, 10 September 2011

Video of the Week - PURE Portland

Something a little different this week!

PURE - or  Pure Urban Ritual Experiment, was founded in 2004  in New York City by Kaeshi Chai , but has now spread to incorporate chapters across the US and internationally! On its home site it is described as being :

  'an international community of artists
who bring change, beauty and awareness, to the world through the power of dance and music.'

This weekend is a particularly appropriate one upon which to visit PURE; as you will see from their site, various simultaneous international performances for peace are planned in the light of the 10th anniversary of 9/11.

However, we are not travelling to New York today, but are heading much further west ... to the home of the PURE chapter in Portland, Oregon!

The group take dance movements from a wide variety of world traditions  including Middle Eastern, Far Eastern, Indian, Flamenco and Romani, together with drumming, to create their own unique style. They are all experienced dancers and musicians (including our friend Brandy - woo hoo Brandy!) and this really shines through in their commitment to both community and professional standards :

'As the community participates, no one is a stranger any longer. Dancers and musicians travel down the sidewalks, parks and other public spaces to share their love of dance and music with the public and to pay homage to specific sites.
PURE creates “guerilla happenings” and participates in general blessings & celebrations, charity-organized events, theatre or commercial projects to raise awareness and/or fundraising for causes that promote peace & healing, while striving to uphold professional ethics and performance standards that create community.'

Our first video is an introduction to PURE PDX --- with a mix of interviews, drumming and dancing :

This video really shows what PURE means to these dancers and drummers --- from the coming together as a healing dance community within a larger community to their sheer love of the dance itself. The dancers speak with such a sense of inner peace and the drumming and dancing verge on the hypnotic. Beautiful people, beautiful spirits, beautiful dancing! Oh, and beautiful tops!!!! I so want a top that says 'PURE Portland' on it! Want want want!!!

Sadly I haven't been able to get my hands on any recent You Tubes of PURE Portland .... but here's one from 2009:

From the very first drum beat that heralds the entrance of the dancers that hypnotic quality kicks in again. When you are watching and allow yourself to be truly drawn into this you really get a feeling of the dance reaching far beyond the physical --- and echoing far beyond 2011! It was also fabulous to see some of our Gypsy Caravan and Gypsy Heart sisters among both the dancers and the audience! Hello ladies!!!
You can find out more about PURE Portland and the whole PURE experience at the PURE Portland website and via their Facebook page. Enjoy!

Until next time, happy dancing!

Just a quick apology to the PURE Portland ladies ..... I did e mail to get permission to use some of your photos, but haven't heard back. If you want me to change or take any down please just shout out!

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  1. Hey there! Lisa from Portland PURE. Don't know how we missed the request to use photos. We'd have said yes. Let's talk - we've got MANY videos of our performances! Find us on Facebook: PURE Portland