Saturday, 3 September 2011

Video of the Week - Tamikrest!

A desert hosts us, a language unites us, a culture binds us.
This week we're going for a music video feature, rather than dance. But it IS music you can dance to so hey,  that's ok!! Many of you will already be familiar with Tinariwen, the band of Tuareg musicians from Mali. Unfortunately I can't link to their website at the moment for techy reasons beyond my ken, but if you haven't just look 'em up on You Tube - they're fab!!! More recently on the scene, and of the same mould are Tamikrest. Founded in 2008 their website says:

'These young men and women are from Kidal in Mali. Their childhood and youth was shaped by the Tuareg riots that evolved into a civil war between 1990 and 1995. Many of their friends and family were killed during that time.
Tamikrest decided to play with guitars instead of Kalashnikows. Their goal was to improve their lives by letting the world know about their desperate situation through their music.
The lyrics deal with the situation of the Tuaregs, about a youth without future, the loss of their culture — but also about love: the love of life and the love for the vast expanse of their home the Sahara.'
Tamikrest website

I first discovered them over a year ago via a link from a Tinariwen video, as I recall, and was totally hooked by ..... well, just listen to this and you'll see!!!

Oh that voice!!! It could melt ... oh, I don't know! Glass or something! It's just amazing. And this track is what I always think of as 'hot' music ... as in it makes me feel warm and relaxed and mellow. However you can sense the sorrow in his voice as he speaks of the despair of conflict :

'Adagh, what has become of your people who used to believe in the same values?'

It was the first track of theirs that I ever heard and I couldn't stop listening to it. I just love it.

Another bit of 'hot' music is this track ---

This is quite simply a love song ---

'If  Aicha was in a valley she would be the flower growing by the water.
If I could have two hearts I would live with one and offer the other to Aicha so that she stays forever happy'

Just beautiful!

Finally, here is a clip of the group from the Guardian's 'Desert Sessions' :

Oh, I so want to be there!!!

Now, I know I said 'finally' but in true form I've been distracted and can't leave you without one final snippet .... it's Dirtmusic (who were right there at the group's formation and have recorded with them) and Tamikrest performing the Velvet Underground's 'All Tomorrow's Parties':

THAT voice may not be there but it's good to see them working together!

Tamikrest now have two albums out - Adagh (2009) and Toumastin (2011) and there is plenty more You Tube footage for your perusal,  including some slightly faster stuff. They were in England this Summer and are doing a European tour this Autumn, though sadly don't appear to be coming to the UK this time. It's also worth checking out their website here which has lots of information on them and their philosophy and music.

You can also follow them on Facebook so get on over there!

Well, I hope this week's musical videos have left you feeling all warm and wuthering! Until next time, happy dancing!

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