Monday, 17 October 2011

A Tribal Bouquet!

Today I just want to make a short but very important post. It's to give a special tribal bouquet to three very special people!!

The first person is Sarah (of Sakura). Yesterday we were all set to perform at Lowton Hafla. Unfortunately when we got to Sarah's to collect her she was all ready in her costume and make up (rather fabulous eyeliner by the way, Sal!) but just wasn't well enough to perform or even come to the hafla with us. So this is a 'Hope you're feeling better soon' bouquet for Sarah - we missed you honey!

So - who else is in line for a bouquet? Well, off we trotted to the car and as I started the engine outside Sarah's house I turned to Jan and Jo and uttered those immortal words 'Ok girls, so who's going to dance with me this afternoon then?'! Well, you've got to hand it to those ladies - we hadn't even reached the end of the street before we had a performing trio! The rest of the (twenty minutes long) trip to Lowton was spent in running through the music (luckily it was Two Gypsies so we were all familiar with it) and just sorting out a couple of organisational bits. Sakura's style is very heavily based on Gypsy Caravan but as all three of us have the most common ground in North Wind Tribal (the style of our teacher, Chris) that was the style we opted to dance in. And in the blink of an eye we were there on the car park ..... in more ways than one, as not only did we leave the car there but we also had a bit of an impromptu run through of a few steps and formations and so on. Never let it be said that tribal girls are shy!

So, four dances into the hafla Sakura and friends got up and performed - improv of course! Luckily we had a bit of a colour theme going on - unplanned - so we looked together, and when we saw the photos we looked pretty together dance wise too! We kept it simple so it went smoothly, and the audience seemed to like it (Thank you to Julie for explaining our situation!!). And we all enjoyed it too!

I think that for me yesterday really captured that whole tribal spirit thing, from Sarah getting herself all ready and being prepared to come and have a go at dancing even though she wasn't up to it, to my lovely fellow dancers for being so ready and willing to get up there and perform with me at a car journey's notice. Of course that's where the power of tribal kicks in - our familiarity with group improvisation and one another really made it work for us. Having a really supportive audience was a massive help too!

Todays post then goes out to Jan, Jo and Sarah, with lots and lots of love! To them and to all those teachers and mentors who have helped us on our dance path and helped nurture that 'Tribal Spirit'.

Thank you all x

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