Monday, 3 October 2011

Video Quickie - Unmata!

Yes, I know! I said I wasn't doing videos for a couple of weeks  ..... Well, I'm not really, but then I found these amongst my YOU Tube favourites from ages back and couldn't resist giving them a whirl cos I love them!

Yes, Pauline Qu --- just for you (Not that you're a mega Unmata fan or anything! ) - it's a couple of Geisha Moth videos showing Unmata dancing improv!!!

Like I say in the title, this is just a quick post - so let's get straight into the first video!

Most of you will have seen Unmata's really tight and sassy choreos, but you may not all have seen them improvising. I just love it - but having said that I do prefer watching improv to watching choreo anyway! I just love the whole energy of this performance (apparently they do their own combos which are all pretty long - but please correct me if I'm wrong on that as I can't remember where I read it!). They are still really tight, you can see the influence of different formats but can also see how they have taken it and added in their own moves and styling to make it unique and I love some of the fast moving formations at the end!

Just in case you're crying out for more, here's part 2 :

There's a bit in this that I keep watching because the lead suddenly changes -- first time of watching I blinked and missed it! It's just so fast and smooth and done without any fuss!! I also have to give a shout-out here for the fab costumes the ladies are modelling - they're from Geisha Moth (Check her out on Facebook here)

That's it for now - I did WARN you this was a short post!!! If you want to find out more about Unmata their  Facebook page is a good starting point - here. Go on, check 'em out - and get ready for some Tough Love Bellydance!!!

Until next time - and hopefully a longer post - happy dancing!

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