Saturday, 22 October 2011


We love love LOVE Les Soeurs Tribales from Milan, Italy. And we are so very excited to hear that these ladies are over at the Jewel of Yorkshire dance festival here in the UK next April! A very full weekend of workshops and dancing beckons! All we can really say is .... SQUEAL!

They're going to be doing four workshops - Old School Tribal, Retro Chic Tribal, LST Signature moves and LST Fusion - and we really can't wait!

Details will be going up on the Jewel of Yorkshire website - click here - once the current festival is over and done with and everyone has had time to recover!

In the meantime, here's something to keep us all going .....

A bit of Old School Gypsy Caravan based tribal :                                            

Retro Chic improv ....

Some Old School & LST Signature Moves :

and a bit of improv to some live drumming ..

Yes yes YES!!!!

Until next time - happy dancing!!!

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