Saturday, 5 November 2011

New Instructionals - and a CD!

Oh my giddy aunt! It's been two whole weeks since the last blog ..... what IS the world coming to? I may just have to blog twice this weekend to catch up! I have to say, I do have a few posts sort of mulling around in my head, but they need a bit more mulling yet ..... so I shall start with a relatively straightforward one to get back into the swing!

I was very VERY excited earlier this week to hear some great news. Paulette (Rees Denis, of Gypsy Caravan) is releasing a new instructional DVD in December! Squeal!!! She shot it with the fabulous Soeurs Tribales on her recent trip to Milan, Italy (Congratulations to our lovely friend Wendy Hughes who passed her CS1 and TT1 certifications there! x). Not only is it coming out soon, but she's shared a snippet with us :

Woo hoo - Paulette and LST in one dvd - can't wait! I've read somewhere that she's also going to shoot one with Nina Martinez (of Gypsy Rain) on her forthcoming trip to Australia - sooo looking forward to them both!

Now there's also another instructional dvd that I'm looking forward to gleefully! For some time now I've been watching Divine Chaos on You Tube and particularly enjoying their gorgeous skirt work and now guess what? They're bringing out an instructional dvd! And double guess what? There's a sneak preview right here:

Gorgeous - another one to look out for! I may have to feature these ladies in  a Video of the Week at some point!

Finally, on to someone who hasn't got a dvd out yet but jolly well should have! It's the wonderful Seba of WildCard Bellydance. She has quite a few instructional videos up on You Tube and they are excellent. She explains things VERY thoroughly so that new tribalistas should be able to follow BUT even if you think you know the move inside out there isstill  LOTS there to learn! Here's an example of her teaching a Turkish Shimmy:

There are lots of other great short instructionals on her You Tube channel but hey, Seba - we so NEED a dvd!!!

On the plus side though, WildCard have been working with musicians Arcane Dimension and a cd will be out this winter - with lots of the tracks that you may have seen the WildCard ladies performing to! So that's something else to get excited about!

Well, it looks like it's going to be a good Christmas dance wise - I've already got quite a few things on my wish list!

Until next time (which may be sooner rather than later!) - happy dancing!

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