Sunday, 4 December 2011

A Huge Sakura Welcome!

Exciting news - squeeeeeeeeee!

Welcome to Sakura, Jan!
Two have become three!!!!! You will have heard us talk about our lovely friend Jan? She's been in our tribal class with Chris Ogden for a while now. Well, having tried workshops in a few styles, she's realised she's a Gypsy Gal at heart. She's been practising her GC stuff like a demon and we've shown her a few of our Sakura moves and we are DELIGHTED to be able to announce that she made her debut - improv of course! - with Sakura Tribal on Friday night, dancing - rather appropriately - to 'New Path' by Gypsy Caravan. She did brilliantly and we can't wait to rock out that GC styling with her some more!


Happy Birthday Jo!
  We had a totally fantastic night altogether at Chris' Burnley hafla - great road trip with our other lovely friend Jo (who's just headed down to London for a bit of ATS; have a great time and a wonderful birthday, Jo! x), lots of dancing and gossip and we performed three times, including as the new Sakura line up. We saw lots of friends and were joined by Ian (Woodward - see his photos on an earlier blog) and his partner, Pauline .... so we got some fabby pics of Jan's first outing with us.

Now - muwahahahahah! - what can we tell you about her? Your life in our hands, Jan!

Two become three
 FACT NUMBER ONE : Jan is another committed vegan! Yep, she's been mentoring me (Cayte) on my journey into veganism. So add in Sarah, a committed veggie and we're a pretty animal-friendly threesome. Compassionate Tribal, that's us! Tee hee!

FACT NUMBER TWO : She's also more than a little bit of a metalhead. And here is the proof - as posted onto her Facebook page recently :

With some of the Morrigan girls, Marcail and Charlotte
FACT NUMBER THREE : Jan also dances with Morrigan, a North West troupe who do tribal choreo with a bit of a dark twist! She danced with them too at Burnley - they were great! She's also danced a few styles in her time, including Egyptian - but has now found her tribal home. Ahhhhh!

In the lead!

FACT NUMBER FOUR : She's not backward about coming forward, no matter what she might say! Here's the proof, as she quite happily steps into the lead in her very first Gypsy Caravan improv performance with us! She did a really great job too, including a couple of tricky lead and formation changes, and didn't get phased at all. Well done Mrs!

Welcome to Sakura!

FACT NUMBER FIVE : She's an all-round fabby person! She makes great vegan cakes, giggles a lot, loves glittery J2Os, ADORES my singing (yes, you KNOW you do Jan) and is a great friend and a wonderful dancer. Welcome to Sakura, Jan!

We really need to do a little interview with her now so that you know all her deepest darkest secrets!

It's just the two of us on Friday!
This Friday we're off to Kate Farrow's Christmas Hafla in Liverpool where Sakura will perform again, this time as a duet! Yes, and it's Cayte and Jan this time (Sarah's going to watch Shed Seven in Manchester so can't join us sadly!). We're really looking forward to it! We're mini-road tripping there with Jo, who's doing a solo (Yay! We love Jo!) and we might even persuade TJ (as in Tribal Jane) to join us! Good times!

Until next time, happy dancing!

Big thank yous again to Ian Woodward for all the fantastic photos in this post!


  1. 'Twas a great performance from the tribal trio- gorgeous colourful costume combo too.
    Lesley (Luloah) x

  2. Thank you Lesley!
    Cayte x