Tuesday, 27 December 2011

A (slightly late) tribal Christmas present!

Yes - I've been waiting and waiting for this one - fiendishly stalking Facebook, Paypal trigger finger at the ready ..... and finally, the time has come! I'm all paid up, and Paulette's new Gypsy Caravan Tribal Technique dvd will soon be winging its way across the Atlantic to me. Time to stalk the postman now I think!

Paulette shot this dvd over in Milan in October, together with the fabulous Les Soeurs Tribales (including Cinzia Di Cioccio, who's now a member of Gypsy Caravan International). She'll be back there in March, and is apparently doing some more filming then. Yippee! It seems like a good while since we had a new Gypsy Caravan dvd and now it looks as though we're going to be well and truly spoilt for choice in 2012. And believe us, that's just how we like it!

Here's a little bit of a taster as to what's in store for us :

Woo hoo!

If any of you haven't sussed out how to get your copy yet, just visit the new Gypsy Caravan Dance Company International Facebook page here.

And just in case all of that wasn't enough, Paulette is off to Australia in the new year, doing workshops and more filming with the lovely Nina Martinez of Gypsy Rain, another member of Gypsy Caravan International. She's also got a new website in the offing, so we're eagerly awaiting that too. It looks as though it's going to be a fantastically full Gypsy Caravan style 2012 and we really can't wait!         
Until next time, we're off to wait by the letter box!
Happy dancing!

Thanks to Paulette, Cinzia, Nina and Gypsy Caravan Dance Company International for the photos in this blog

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