Friday, 6 January 2012

Taking Tribal Global!

Ok, so what's the definition of complete and utter frustration? Yes, it's your brand new Gypsy Caravan DVD landing on your doormat five minutes before you have to head out to the hairdressers! And yes, this  happened to me today! Arrrrrrrgh! As you can imagine, I've been all of a flutter this afternoon, just desperate to get back home and cast my beady eyes over it .....

However, all is well now. Actually, all is far more than well. I'm back home, snuggled up on the couch out of the damp, gloomy evening air and I've just taken my headphones off having had my first good look (on my laptop!) at 'Tribal Technique 9 : Tribal Grooves and Combos'. I fear that my poor husband has been totally bemused by my alternating beaming smiles and dewy eyes, not to mention the intermittent hip jiggles and arm flourishes that inevitably accompany sedentary watching of a totally grooving dance DVD!

And totally grooving it certainly is! Now, where on earth do I start to tell you about it? If you've read earlier posts on here then you will know that Paulette shot this DVD in Milan last year, in collaboration with Cinzia Di Cioccio and Les Soeurs Tribales. It's a partnership that works really well, and the joy and smiles of all of these lovely dancing ladies are infectious. The DVD starts with a good old warm up before moving on to the technique section, where Paulette teaches variations on familiar moves as well as some beautiful new combos. As this DVD is aimed at intermediate & advanced dancers basic moves aren't broken down (if you're not familiar with these then get yourself some of her earlier DVDs or, better still, get thee to a workshop or two with her - she's a fabulous teacher!). However, the new moves are explained and demonstrated really clearly by Paulette and Cinzia, on both left and right, and are shown from the back as well as the front. The soundtrack is from Gypsy Caravan's ReMarkably ReMixed CD, and your hips just can't help but respond to the powerful rhythms and grooves - even if you're sitting comfortably on your couch!

The next part of the DVD is the practice section, where Paulette hands over to Les Soeurs Tribales -Cinzia, Denise and Samantha. They go through all of the moves and combos  several times, so there's lots of opportunity to let them soak into your body!
What was really good about watching the DVD through once without dancing along was that I noticed all sorts of little extras , such as the smiles between the dancers and Paulette, and the look of pride on Paulette's face as she watched them representing her format so beautifully.

What follows is something that is an inspired addition to Paulette's DVDs. It's a discussion between her and Cinzia about what tribal means to them ..... about Paulette's philosophy, about creating that magic together, about truly becoming YOURSELF as a dancer. Cinzia talks about her own journey within and beyond the Gypsy Caravan format, and Paulette emphasises the organic nature of the dance. As she says, it is both evolution and revolution! Paulette also talks about 'Taking Tribal Global' and uniting dancers everywhere within this amazing dance. I have to confess that this part did bring a bit of a tear to my eye; it took me right back to August 2010, when we were sitting in her gorgeous living room, all 'Talking Tribal' together. Oh, and apart from the tears I must admit that I had some serious necklace envy going on during this part of the DVD!

The DVD closes with a slide show of photographs of Paulette and her dancers, including many familiar Gypsy Caravan faces from both America and across the world. And once again, what they all have in common is that look of sheer happiness and joy - love of the dance, the music and of one another.  Fabulous!

So, would I recommend this DVD? You bet I would! It's a great instructional DVD with clear, well demonstrated explanations. But it's so much more than that. This DVD really gets to the heart of tribal in so many ways ... not just in what's said but also in what's apparent in the looks, smiles, encouragement and the way in which the dancers respond to one another. It's completely inspiring! Thank you so much to Paulette and all the dancers for sharing this with us.

To get your copy check out the Gypsy Caravan Dance Company International page on Facebook - the link is right here. Order it now and you too could be enthusing over it this time next week!

Well, it's time for me to go now. My hips are just itching to dance, so I'm off to stick that DVD into the player and get my tribal groove on!

Until next time, happy dancing!

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