Saturday, 14 January 2012

Tribal Collaborations!

Well, this week brought my second exciting transatlantic delivery ...... my new 'Tribal Collaborations' CD from WildCard Bellydance and Arcane Dimension! To say that it's already been well played would be an understatement - its funky Middle Eastern beats have been flooding the house for several days now, so that even the dogs can now bob their heads in time with the rhythms! I love it!
The music on the cd was especially created with tribal improv in mind and all of the tracks, whether fast or slow, reflect this. As such it's great for drilling to or indeed for performance. The fabulous WildCard girls have already performed to some of the tracks, and we have the You Tubes to prove it! Here's one of them dancing firstly to 'Forbidden Fruit' (my very favourite track from the CD!) and then at the end of the performance to 'Sunset'. Enjoy!

Beautiful dancing AND fantastic music! Check out more about WildCard Bellydance on on of our earlier blogs here.

As you'll hear, the music very much mirrors the whole vibe of tribal bellydance. It is strongly rooted in the sounds and traditions of the past, and yet it has a modern, funky twist that shouts out '2012'. There are echoes of times long ago but the music also resounds with the flavours of today. The whole CD just drwas you inexorably, irresistibly, into the dance. And of course that's what it's all about; Sakura have already been gettin' their groove on to some of the tracks at practice this week!

So - favourite tracks? Well, I actually love them all - but my very, very favourite has to be 'Forbidden Fruit' (which you've heard on the You Tube clip above). I think that what really sells that track to me is the chanty singing. It's weird, but it reminds me a bit of a much more tuneful version of the chanting that goes on in the temple scenes in 'Young Sherlock' (one of my favourite films ever). I say 'it's weird' because those particular scenes do freak me out a bit and I usually have to watch them with the sound turned down - and yet, although this track puts me in mind of those scenes, I actually adore it! I also love 'The Flight of Morrigan' with its Celtic feel and the funky grooves of 'Dates & Spices'. Not to mention the deliciously Greek-y 'Feast of Dionysus'. I have to say I had not heard of Arcane Dimension before this project - but I'm certainly going to check out more of their music now!

How can you get hold of your own copy, you ask? Well, it's available as a cd from both the WildCard Bellydance site here and from the Arcane Dimension site here. You can listen to samples of all the tracks on these sites, so that you know what you're buying, and also find out more about both the dancers and musicians. The album is also available for download on Amazon. If you want to keep updated with all the current news then also check out Facebook - Arcane Dimension are here and you'll find the WildCard ladies here.

Really all that's left for me to say now is a huge 'thank you' to both WildCard Bellydance and Arcane Dimension for giving us tribal dancers more fabulously funky music for strutting our stuff to! Hopefully there will be more such collaborations to come in the future!

Until next time, happy dancing!

Thanks to WildCard Bellydance and Arcane Dimension for images in this post.

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