Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Guest Blog : Close Encounters of the Tribal Kind!

Jo solos at Haxby
Some of you may recall that last November Cayte and Sarah were lucky enough to go to the Close Encounters of the Tribal Kind Sleepover and had a fantastic time - if you missed it you can read all about it here and here. So good they blogged it twice, eh?! Anyway, a couple of weeks ago the Close Encounters team put on another great event - a day of dancing and drumming workshops followed by a hafla in Haxby, near York (in the good old UK). Sadly Sakura couldn't make it to this one but our lovely friend Jo headed on over there. She had a wonderful time and has captured it all here for you in words and pictures :

Jo's Recipe For Happiness

Take four top teachers :

Asif Qu ; drummer and teacher extraordinaire!
Chill out with friends ...

Brian, Ged and Michelle take a break

and a massive drum circle....

More drumming with Asif

and waft your skirt.

Angela Noble leads a skirt dance

Throw in oodles of oojiness ....

Pauline Qu gets slinky

loads of passion ....

Samantha MacLaren's Renegades

Angela Noble's TribeZuza

live music from the Nomads ...

The fabulous musicians of The Nomads

and dance till you drop!!

Jo, Carol and Tania give it some welly on the dance floor!
Wow - looks like an amazing time was had by all. So sorry we had to miss it, but we're already booked onto the next Tribal Sleepover!

The Tribal Gathering
The next Close Encounters day will be held in Nottingham on March 24th - details are available on Facebook or on Pauline and Asif's BTS site here. The 'Dream Team' of Pauline & Asif (BTS), Michelle Pender Whirling Dervish) and Angela Noble Tribezuza) are then putting on a whole weekend of tribal in June - the Tribal Gathering! It's going to be jam-packed with teachers, workshops, haflas and shopping and is starting to fill up already. Check it out on Facebook here and on it's very own site here. It promises to be a fantastic weekend!

Thank you so much for sharing with us Jo - you're a star! Jo is going to be at Majma in March and has promised to take her camera and let us know all about it!

Victoria Hall, Saltaire - venue for JoY
Sakura will be dancing at a couple of haflas in March, then their next big event will be workshops at the Jewel of Yorkshire festival in April. We are doubly excited this time around because we're doing workshops with Les Soeurs Tribales! Actually we're TRIPLY excited because we're going to see some dancing friends - and fellow members of the Gypsy Caravan family - that we've not seen for ages! We can't wait to dance again with Deirdre from Scotland and Wendy from Wales!!!

Until next time - happy dancing!

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