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Dance Without Cruelty - part Two!

Shimmying Caterpillars ...... I have just realised how long it's been since my last post! Almost a month since I chatted to you all about how Sakura's vegan/veggie lifestyles affect our dance, and in particular how we ensure we use make-up that isnt tested on animals and doesn't include animal products.  Doesn't time fly when you're having fun? Apologies to you all for the big time lapse ... I shall now give you Part Two of that post without further ado ..... (you may want to re-read part one to remind yourself at this point!).

Sooooo - what next? And can I fit it all into one post? Only one way to find out I guess!

Cruelty-Free Toiletries

Oh how I hate that word - toiletries. I'm sure there's a much better word but my poor addled brain won't wrap itself round the issue right now (which bodes well for the rest of this post, doesn't it!) Anyway, toiletries it will have to be. So where do us Sakura girls go for our lotions and potions?

The 'Sakura' Bath Ballistic!

Well, they have to be right up there for fabulous smellies that are animal friendly. I would reckon most of you have heard of them even if you haven't tried them. If by chance they've slipped you by check them out here.  And we're not even the tiniest bit biased by the fact they named a product after us .. (well ok, they didn't but a girl's gotta dream!)

What would we recommend - well, everything! Bath Bombs, soaps, shampoos, face creams, deodorant, henna, shampoo, perfume, body tint ... you name it! I'm going to try to pick just three things that I really really love but it's going to be SOOOO difficult!

Firstly ---- it's Buffy! Previously known as 'Buffy the Backside Slayer' this exfoliant bar leaves you feeling so soft and smooth it's untrue. And it smells great too!  It contains all sorts of yummy things - almond oil, lemon, lavender ..... just gorgeous and really effective!

Second on the list are 'Toothy Tabs' - a wonderful, cruelty free toothpaste alternative! I do like the 'Breath of God' fragranced ones --- sandalwoody (which have a matching perfume!!!) which are warm and spicy but there are lots of alternatives. If you're used to pastes then they're a bit different to use but they really grow on you. I always end up singing that old hymn 'Breathe on me Breath of God' whilst I'm brushing my teeth now!

Finally --- Lush do gorgeous gift boxes and bags for every occasion! I've just selected one to show you here. They contain a huge variety of stuff - shower gels, soap, bath bombs and so on. There is something for everyone and for all occasions! (Some of their products aren't suitable for vegans as they contain honey. so just watch out for that).

In order to truly appreciate the glory of Lush you do need to visit their website - I've given you the link above - so that you can browse their range of products and find out all about their philosophy and ingredients. I daren't go there right now --- I will want to buy things! Better still, pay a visit to one of their super-friendly shops. They smell totally delicious (again a word of warning - it is VERY strong as it's a mix of all sorts of gorgeous things, but if you dont handle such strong smells well you might be better online!)


So where else do we get lovely goodies from? Well, there are lots of fab sellers on Etsy, Folksy and  Facebook, but one of our favourites has to be Earth Kandi, run buy a lovely dancer from Manchester, Madeleine Mitchell. She has her very own blog here, and it is fabulous! It's full of news, links, videos, information and links to her shop so you can buy her products. As you can see her products look stunning - and smell amazing too. We thoroughly recommend her! Her soaps and bath products are vegan (apart from the ones containing honey, but you can see that clearly from the ingredients), but sadly her beautiful face creams contain milk so us vegans don't use them. They are gorgeous though!

You can also find EarthKandi on Etsy here, on Folksy here  and on Facebook here. Go and check out some deliciousness!!!

Well, I think I'm going to leave it there for now. I'm trying hard not to repeat myself so please, please read this post in tandem with our last one as there's lots of information on there about policies and practices as well as links to sites where you can find cruelty-free products of all kinds - including in supermarkets and on the high street. To us it's just essential that we do our best to avoid all products either tested on animals or containing animal derivatives, from hair dye to mascara to mosituriser. And hey, that's pretty important to the animals concerned too.

I will be back ---- very, very soon, I promise ----- with part three of Dance Without Cruelty; how we try to costume ourselves in an ethical, cruelty-free way!

Until then, happy dancing!

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