Monday, 21 May 2012

Gypsy Caravan Training in the UK

Just a quick bit of information for anybody who might be interested!

Is anyone interested in doing Gypsy Caravan intensive training with Paulette Rees-Denis when she is over here in October? After doing workshops at Jewel of Yorkshire on October 13 & 14 she is off down to Bournemouth to teach :

Collective Soul 1 (16,17,18)
Teacher Training 1 (19,20,21)
These will be followed by CS2, TT2 and CS3.

I'm not organising these - just spreading the word! If you're interested then you can contact Paulette on Facebook or via e mail

You can find out more about these certifications on the Gypsy Caravan website - there's a link on the right of this blog.

Until next time, happy dancing!

Monday, 7 May 2012

Moroccan Dreams

How wonderful it would be to be blogging to tell you that we're all off to Marrakech for a couple of weeks! Sadly that's not the case, but  we can report on the next best thing - a visit to a real live Moroccan Market here in the UK! Sadly not all of Sakura could make it, but last week I (Cayte, that is) set off with our dancing friend, Jo (the one you keep hearing about on here) to sunny old Manchester, a mere hop skip and a jump away!

We'd done quite a bit of research on the website, so knew what we were in for and were very excited! If you check out the market's website here you can find out exactly what it's all about. Suffice it to say we were as giddy as a couple of tribal bellydancers in ..... well, a Moroccan market!

So, where do we begin? Well, the market isn't huge - 16 to 20 stalls or so - but there really is something for everyone and it was a jolly good job we didn't have more cash on us. Of course a big draw for us were the jewellery stalls which were totally fabulous. we were quite overwhelmed and could really only say 'Oooooh' and 'Aaaaaah'. There was all sorts of jewellery, both new and old - bracelets, earrings, necklaces, anklets, beads, silver. So much! It really was a dream come true. Jo had a good old haggle and bagged herself a rather gorgeous antique Berber necklace - complete with a detailed history of who might have worn it and why from the stall holder.

Now the music stall provoked more than one visit - and a lot of browsing - drums and percussion of all kinds, mizmars - heaven! We both succumbed to the lovely stallholder's charms and bagged ourselves some qraqabas, which the young man proceeded to demonstarte to us . He played at lightning speed and then encouragingly handed them over to us to try. Errr - no thanks!!! We'll clank them about in the privacy of our own homes first!! Jo returned later to grab herself a cd and to eye up a few of the drums (and to give musical advice to an elderly couple who were looking to buy their first Arabic cd!!!).

If you like bags and aren't veggie you would have been in heaven with all the leather work .... pink bags, turquoise bags, yellow bags, red bags, big bags, small bags ...... Of course they weren't for me, but the stall full of throws and scarves proved too much to resist and we snaffled some gorgeous stripy head wraps (coming soon to a performance near you!). Jo did look longingly at some gorgeous rugs (sadly I didn't get a photo of the stall holder in his burnoose lounging  decadently across a pile of carpets. I went all shy!) but even she couldn't haggle the £100 asking price down to something more affordable. However, as she explained to the stall holder, given all the work that had gone into it his pricing was more than justified ... it was just beyond the scope of our purses!

We wandered among the woodwork, metalwork, tagines, beautifully painted bowls, fabrics, oils,  jewels and so on for so long that the stall holders started to recognise us - and even invited us in for tea!  (ok so the pot was empty but we can pretend!). Everyone was so friendly and eager to chat and help - and sell of course! We really learned lots from them about the items they were selling - how they would have been made, what they would have been used for, who might have used them and more besides. It was completely captivating and we left very much the poorer - but happy!

This market is sooo worth a visit - we would really recommend it. So much so infact that we're planning another trip when it comes back this way in a few weeks , and hopefully we can gather more members of Sakura (we missed you ladies!) to make it a full road trip. Jo and I have our eyes on some rather special pieces of jewellery and may need a bit of haggling support!

So - Sakura news! What are we up to over the next few weeks? Well, Jan and I are teaching a tribal bellydance workshop at the Saltaire Day of Dance on May 19th - check out the link here. Thank you Chris Ogden for trusting us to represent you - we're really looking forward to it! Then on May 20th we'll be dancing at the Lowton Spring hafla - check it out here. It's one of our favourite haflas and we always get to catch up with lots of old dancing friends there. We're hoping we'll all be there this time - work things have meant that poor old Sarah has missed our last few performances.

Yay Scruffy - live that dream!
The only other bit of news I have is really a bit of a teaser - and I apologise to Sarah and Jan for taking up a paragraph with my warblings! Jo and I have an exciting project in the pipeline! Having reprioritised and rearranged my life more than a little over recent months I have more dancey time now - and can chase a few dreams! This project doesn't affect Sakura in any way at all; I'll still be dancing with them just the same. They're my Gypsy Gals and I love them - and they'll be supporting me in all sorts of ways (some I haven't even told them about yet!)! But I'm going to be involved in something else too that, whilst elements have been done before by different people, is pretty unique as a package. Only a few very select people know about it (that includes the Sakura ladies of course. They were the first people I talked about it with!).  And that's all I'm going to say for now - just watch out for news!

Until next time, happy dancing!