Monday, 21 May 2012

Gypsy Caravan Training in the UK

Just a quick bit of information for anybody who might be interested!

Is anyone interested in doing Gypsy Caravan intensive training with Paulette Rees-Denis when she is over here in October? After doing workshops at Jewel of Yorkshire on October 13 & 14 she is off down to Bournemouth to teach :

Collective Soul 1 (16,17,18)
Teacher Training 1 (19,20,21)
These will be followed by CS2, TT2 and CS3.

I'm not organising these - just spreading the word! If you're interested then you can contact Paulette on Facebook or via e mail

You can find out more about these certifications on the Gypsy Caravan website - there's a link on the right of this blog.

Until next time, happy dancing!

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