Friday, 8 June 2012

Namaste Tribal : A new venture!

Hello again! Cayte here ...

Firstly a bit of an apology. You won't find this post as liberally scattered with pretty pictures as usual. That's because my computer has decided it would be great to play silly games - a result of which is that although the actual computer is working, all I can see on the screen are coloured lines. So whilst in theory I could still blog, I wouldn't have a clue what I'd actually typed ...which could be a bit dangerous! Luckily I can do a simple blog on the old iPhone, which is what I'm doing right now. It just means that photos only appear at the end of the post.

Now then - I promised you a bit of news didn't I? As I told you a couple of posts back, I'm still rockin' out the Gypsy Caravan with my gorgeous Sakura ladies, but I've also embarked on a new venture with our friend Jo (an ATS® dancer). Now I'm not going to tell you ALL about it here, because I'd just be repeating what is on our new website, but I WILL give you details of where to find out more.
Suffice it to say it's called Namaste : Tribal Harmony and it's all about celebrating tribal bellydance in all its forms. We will be remaining true to our own styles and rejoicing in our differences, but will also be honouring and respecting our similarities and shared roots, reflecting the spirit of Namaste; the spirit in me honours and respects the spirit in you.

We will also be offering classes in tribal bellydance (ATS® and Gypsy Caravan) in Stockport and Wigan (that's in Lancashire, North West England) in the very near future, as well as performing together as Namaste Tribal.

To find out more you really MUST visit our new site :

our new blog :

And our new Facebook page - just search for Namaste Tribal (and
PLEASE don't just look - 'Like' us too -- pretty please???

Big thanks to my lovely Sakura partners for letting me use this post to give a shout out for Namaste! I'll be back soon with news of what us Sakura Gypsy girls have been up to lately (tales of mud and mayhem actually!)

Until then, happy dancing! Xx

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  1. You gals rock the tribal! Unite the tribes and share the love....

  2. I am soooo proud of you and your vision....and very honored....