Thursday, 18 October 2012

Wild Horses

Just as wild horses run unfettered, so we need our freedom in dance. Freedom to explore, to create, to find ourselves, to be ourselves. And yet just like the horses, our destiny in dance is not to run alone. We are part of the group; we share the same ground beneath our feet, the same sun on our backs, the same wind in our hair. We share the same hopes, fears, dreams. Together or apart we are as one- think as one, move as one, dance as one.
We may rest quietly by softly flowing rivers. We may race together across wide open plains. We may shake our hair free under the stars as we whirl and spin around the fires of night, beneath every star of heaven. But we do it all as one.
Our spirit is that of the tribes, of the wild horses. Free not bound. Gentle yet wild. Together. Trusting. Sharing. Feeling. Communicating. We each have our own lives, yet at one point, one nexus, they meet. And that point is power.
That point is TRIBAL ....

(the above is an entry from my dance journal from earlier this year. And yes, it captures how I still feel today about the incredible dance form that brings so much to my life)

Tribal Bellydance. Just do it.

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