Sunday, 24 February 2013

Thought For The Week

Life is magic - if you let it be. There are whole worlds out there that can touch your very soul, if you open yourself up to them.

Dance is one such world ...... being open to it isn't about how many costumes you can afford or how many events you can attend or how many different workshops you can do with different people. That doesn't make you a better dancer.  It's about really feeling the dance, being confident and true to your vision. It's about that connection with your fellow dancers, or with your own soul if you dance alone. It's not about trying to know more than everyone else, be better about everyone else, do what everyone else is doing. It's about letting THEM have THEIR path too. This year I am very certain of my own path - my own 'True North'.

Are you?

Until next time - Happy Dancing!

Cayte x

Friday, 1 February 2013

(A Belated) Thought for the Week

Ooooops!!! Sorry for the lateness of this post .... but you did get two on-time Thoughts for the Week, didn't you?!!

Anyway, here goes with this week's thought. Inspired by the fact I'm going to be joined by a lovely group of dancers on Sunday for a bit of funky Gypsy Caravan dancing, I wanted to share with you a poster that's displayed on a door in the studio where I teach ...

I'm ashamed to say I actually overlooked this gem for several weeks .... just a simple laminated A4 sized sheet on a cupboard door in the corner, there was nothing about it that caught my eye or drew me in, until one day whilst slipping my boots back on after class I just happened to glance up and there it was!
I really don't need to say much about it; it speaks for itself. I don't know the teacher who put it up there (my studio is in a school) but I can sense their passion for what they do and their desire to inspire the young people that they teach, and I hope and pray that some of their students are captivated by the magic of dance of whatever type and find for themselves that sense of joy and fulfilment. I pray that their lives are touched and changed by dance.
And, just as I don't know that teacher, they in turn don't know me. They don't know that I have read the quote they shared, that they have inspired me too .... and that their desire to light the fire of dance in the souls of their students is mirrored by my hopes and dreams for my own students. 
Thank you teacher - whoever you are!
Until next time - happy dancing!