Thursday, 20 June 2013

A Little Bit Of This and A Little Bit Of That ....

Hello again - it's been a while, but here we are again!

So much has happened since I last wrote that I don't know where to begin. I've a few topics that have been building up but I'm going to leave those until next time. Today I'm going to update you on all the latest Sakura news!

The first one is the real biggie. as you know, Sarah is one of the founder members of Sakura and has been dancing with us since we formed in 2010. However she is one busy lady, balancing out working as a supply teacher and home tutor with developing her small business (crafting and delivering workshops), making plans for keeping some livestock (chickens, sheep, who can tell?), studying for a textiles diploma and spending time with her lovely husband, Ged, in addition to making tribal time. With all that in mind she's decided to take a break from dancing for a while.

It goes without saying that we will really, really miss her, but she has said emphatically that she will still be there at haflas and events to cheer us on, and has every intention of becoming a bit of a Sakura groupie! We (Jan and I) wish her every bit of good luck and send her lots of love as she concentrates on other stuff in her life. Take a look at her Gingerbread Bunny blog here. Lots of gorgeous goodies to buy and wise words to read! Yay - go, Sarah! (And you know that if and when you feel the need for some triballing you'll be welcomed back with open arms!)

Soooooo - Sakura Tribal carry on with two of us - myself (Cayte) and Jan. And we're going to do our very utmost to make Sarah proud of us! We've been getting together to practise and to sort out things for a couple of upcoming performances, and it has felt a little strange planning for stuff we were originally going to do with Sarah! But we're getting there, and so far have had a good balance of dance and chat (yep, we sometimes do fall down on that one!)

As well as dancing at a very special party and then at several haflas during September and October we do have a couple of exciting performances coming up this summer! Squeal!

The first is on the 10th of August in Liverpool. Our fabulous friend, Kate, is putting on a show that traces the story of tribal bellydance, from its roots in old dances of places such as the Middle East, India and Spain right through to the tribal fusions of today. We are extremely honoured to have been asked to represent Gypsy Caravan tribal style at this event and to share with the audience this beautiful style that we love so much. Kate has worked really hard to put all this together and we are delighted to be able to support her (and it means a bit of new costuming too - woohoo!). If you can get there please do come along to support it; local events like this are very precious to us all and we need to do our utmost to keep them alive! Drop me an email at if you want more details!

Then on September 7th we are proud to be performing at the Mai-ni-axe Book Of Bedtime Stories in Nottingham, courtesy of the amazing Pauline Qu! This will be a bit of a departure from our usual style ..... improv mixed with some story telling and a generous dollop of creepiness thrown in for good measure! It's very exciting - and will mean more costuming again. Double woo hoo! again, if you want more details of this event (there are workshops on during the day too) email me at Hope to see some of you there!

So all of that will keep us out of mischief (maybe!) for a while! Of course there will be those hafla performances too and sakura will continue to support the Wild Hearts (my class troupe) as they strut their improv thang at local haflas. Tribal Rocks!!!!

Until next time - happy dancing!