Wednesday, 24 July 2013

A Little Bit More Of A Little Bit Of This And A Little Bit Of That ...

Hello again!! And it's another of those newsy-keep-you-up-to-date sort of blogs  ... Sakura stuff that's just happened and is happening and all that malarkey!!!

Soooooo - what's been happening to us here in Sakura-Land?

Well, firstly we've been partying! Our lovely friend Kate's brother and his wife have been over in the 'pool (Liverpool), visiting from sunny Florida (we put on some lovely sunny weather here in North West England just for them of course!) and we were honoured to be invited to a party to welcome them .. and to be invited to dance too!! It was just soooooo hot, and we needed to be comfortable to party so we opted for a funky less dressed up look with our tribal pants, GC t shirts and stripy overskirts (I was feeling a bit piratical so wore my skull and crossbones earrings too - Jan just humoured me!). We had a fantastic time, not least because Sarah was there too and hit the dance floor with us later. We learned a rather interesting new move from the Philosophy girls (tee hee!!!) and had good times hanging out with the lovely Jenny (hope you're feeling better soon after your accidents honey!) amongst others. We really, really enjoyed ourselves - and got fab vegan food and cakes too! happy Sakura bunnies!!

Last weekend we had a wonderful treat! Gorgeous Deirdre Macdonald came to do a Spanish styled workshop in Wigan, complete with skirts and shawls (I will be doing a proper review of this - it was fab!). We learned so much, and I was so proud of my students who stepped up to the mark with such confidence when asked about the Wrap Turn - and led it beautifully! You rock, ladies! Sakura then had a bit of 'us time' with Deirdre and came away really inspired .. made even better by a visit to the pub! (Yes, Wigan workshops DO always include the pub. It's just one of those things - tribal bonding!!!) More really good times!

That then leads us on to this week - and very exciting news! The launch of our brand new Sakura WEBSITE!!!! We've been debating it for a while and have just kept putting it off ... but with classes and workshops up and running now and a variety of performances and taster sessions and all sorts on the horizon it felt like the time to go for it!! We are really pleased with it; there are lots of other things we want to add, but all in good time! In the meantime, do drop by and visit us right here! Add us to your favourites - don't lose us!!!

The website brings us on to even more exciting news -- our amazing tribal mamma, Paulette, let us have some fab new photos for the site - they are gorgeous!! However, not only that but she actually used our 'About Tribal' page and me - Cayte - as 'Guest Writer' on her own blog, along with a link to the site! She said some lovely things and we are just so honoured! We love you Paulette - thank you so much! Tribal Rocks!
You can read the blog here, and whilst you're there take some time to explore the whole site - inspirational writing, up to date news (check out the intensives in Portland this October- life changing stuff) and goodies to buy - including online classes. Freakin' Fabulous!

So - what's coming up? Well, in a couple of hours we have a Sakura practice (Yes, we do have our practices at 8 in the morning. Yes, it is a bit strange. And yes, it does work for us!). It's actually half five in the morning now and I'm all awake and ready to go NOW but I'm figuring that maybe Jan would not be too pleased if I turned up at six in the morning on her doorstep all bright and perky and ready to dance. I think that rather than getting the worm, the early bird might just get a saucepan over the head ... so maybe I'll hang on for a bit! We're going to be practising some of the new stuff Deirdre taught us and getting ready for the Origins show in a couple of weeks time!

Talking of Origins, this Sunday (28th) will see me (Cayte) once again heading over to Liverpool (Jan will be at the Barefoot Festival chilling and having good times with her lovely husband, Ian). Along with our friend Kate I'll be taking part in a chorus line type flashmob to promote the Origins show on August 10th. There are going to be a variety of styles taking part and I'm delighted that some of my students are joining me for the Gypsy Caravan bit .. there will also be ATS, Oriental, Flamenco, Turkish ... and the chance for a good bop together at the end!!! If you can make it we'll see you in front of St George's Hall at 11 am ... it will be great fun!

Well, time to sign off for now! I shall potter about for a bit and try to decide what time would be acceptable to bob up chirpily in front of a certain Sakura member's house, rockin' out the Hottie Drops and singing something by Korn at the top of my voice. Hey Jan - I'm a comin' to get ya!!

Until next time - happy dancing!

cayte x