Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Classes, Websites,Road Trips and Bedtime Stories!

OK - newsy post coming up here folks!!!

First and foremost - a new term of Gypsy Caravan Tribal Style classes is set to start next Monday in Wigan - fun, frolics, joy, connection and lots of soul-singing dancing to be had! Do join us and dip your hips into the magical world of tribal - you won't regret it!!

If you aren't within travelling distance of Wigan I can come to you (within reason!) for classes or workshops - contact me (Cayte) for details! I would love to share some tribal with you!

Secondly, if you haven't done so already please do hop over and check out our new(ish) Sakura website - it's at and we're adding new stuff to it all the time. You can find out more about us (Cayte, Jan and alumni Sarah) there, as well as discovering more about tribal bellydance, classes, students ... oh and LOTS more! Have a browse, add us to your favourites, find out where our travels will take us and meet us there!!!! We'd love to see you!

Which brings us neatly on to .... Sakura Road Trips! Or, to be more precise. Road-Trips-In-The-Making! We are EXTREMELY excited that we are now all paid up and booked for the 'Majma' festival in Glastonbury next year .... not just 'all booked up' but all booked up for all FIVE workshops with our Tribal Mamma, Paulette! Squeal! We will try VERY hard not to wish our lives away between now and then but we're not promising anything... Will you be there? Let's meet up and dance!

Of course before then we have lots of good times planned - kicking off in just over a week's time at our fabulous homey Pauline Qu's 'Bedtime Stories' down in Nottingham. This is a show with a difference and you will be seeing Sakura as you've never seen them before! Yes, there will be improv (of course) but this really will be a performance right outside of our usual comfort zone - dance, costume and music wise. We are REALLY looking forward to it, and to seeing Pauline, Asif  and the Mai ni aXe again. You really do NEED to be there. You will be so sorry if you miss it!  Beeeee theeeeeeeere!!
No excuses - full details here!

Well, that's all for now folks ... we have lots of other things going on but more about those later! Hope to see you at a class, workshop or event soon - or to connect via the wonderful world of t'internet! Oooh - nearly forgot ... we do have a Twitter page now and have started to tweet, albeit rather feebly at the moment! We're on there as SakuraTribal so do look us up and pop by to say hello! (I would link to our page here but I still find it all a bit baffling. I'll get there!)

In the meantime, happy dancing!

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