Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Every Picture Tells a Story!

Good morning! And it is a good morning ... I'm just chilling and doing a bit of writing whilst I get ready to head over to Jan's for a Sakura practice, more chilling, coffee, chat  - you get the idea!

One of the topics of conversation is sure to be the fantastic 'Book of Bedtime Stories' where we performed on Saturday. It was a great evening; storytelling, some wonderful dancing and of course catching up with friends! We just loved seeing everyone and grabbing reams of hugs and it was fab being joined by Sarah and our lovely friend Kate. We made quite a carful I can tell you, particularly with us Sakura girls up front in our scary makeup!! Beware, oncoming vehicles!

I don't want to give too much away about our performance as we'll be pulling it out again at a couple of upcoming haflas (albeit slightly different as there's a fair bit of improv in there!) but I can tell you that it was something completely different for us Sakura girls. Certainly the costumes and make up were not our usual thing as you will see from the photos here. We were captured in performance and beyond by the most excellent Mr James Lacey of Dark Soul photography; visit his website here for more wonderful examples of his work! But it wasn't just our appearance that was strange on Saturday ...

The hafla title says it all really - our dance had to tell a story. Now this is a path we've never ventured down before and so it was a real voyage of discovery. It did present its own particular challenges as we were determined to get as much improv in there as we could - which we did - whilst still ensuring that there was a clear tale to tell. I  was especially concerned about this as I am notoriously not the most astute at identifying stories in dance when I'm an audience member. Quite honestly, I do usually need it spelling out to me in words of one syllable as I tend to get lost in the dance itself (poor old Jan is often the one who has to explain it to me!). But maybe having those limitations was actually a help in making sure our story was extra clear?

Whether that was the case or not, we certainly seemed to manage it! People told us our dance made them feel both happy and sad (box ticked), someone said she got so tied up in the story that she actually 'awwwwwed' at one point (another box ticked!) and we were told we should do stuff like that more often (my make up did grow on me - but yes, Jan, I DID take it off before I went to bed!). The audience were wonderfully supportive and it was great to look out at a sea of smiling faces (as I have blogged before that really does make such a difference to dancers!), So yes, despite the inevitable post-match dissection ('We did that move on different feet' etc etc) we did leave feeling good about it, and yes, we're looking forward to doing it all again!

I think though, that what meant the most to us was the feedback from Sarah and Kate. Now they won't mind me saying here that they are not the most fluffy of folk. They have much in common - neither likes being hugged for example (although they don't always get much choice!!) and we were really bothered that they would hate our story-telling dance. So imagine how fantastic it felt to see huge grins on their faces as we danced, and to hear them clapping along! They loved it!!! And yes, we glowed!!!! Thank you girls!!!

So - Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it's off to practice I go. More chat about the show, new combos to play with .. it's all good!

Until next time, happy dancing!