Friday, 20 September 2013

Friday Fabulousness : Gypsy Caravan!

Today's video is a long one - and is best enjoyed curled up in an armchair with a caramel soya latte and two warm cats. Yes, I have personally tested this - and if you don't mind the cats looking alarmed at the zurna, it truly is heaven on earth!

Now I could have picked so many Gypsy Caravan videos to share with you today, but this one is definitely my go-to watch of the moment. It shines out like a beacon of everything I love about tribal bellydance - I am right there with them, barefoot in the dappled sunlight, dancing together beneath the trees, smiling, laughing, connecting, part of this amazing dance community! Dancing together through time and place - for joy, celebration, support. Every element blends together perfectly - the venue, the dancers, the costumes, the musicians (and the zills, played so beautifully and as a true part of the music). As I watch it I feel the warmth on my skin, the breeze in my hair, the rhythm. I am there, in that moment, in that dance ....

And here it is ...  [click on the photo to watch the video]

I'm not going to say much more - I don't want to break the spell ...

What I WILL say is on behalf of both myself and Jan, who have been watching so many GC style videos over this past couple of weeks ..from glorious dancers such as Gypsy Caravan, Gypsy Heart, Celtic Hips and Les Soeurs Tribales.. and it is just this ...

We are unspeakably proud to dance in the footsteps of these fabulous women, and to share in this amazing style of ours. Our souls are truly singing!

Until next time - Happy Dancing!

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