Wednesday, 6 November 2013



Wow – what a weekend! It was Sakura Road Trip time and Jan and I packed our butties and headed up north – over the border to Bonnie Scotland! A dance filled Saturday followed by a peaceful and uplifting day at the Samye Ling Tibetan Buddhist Centre – what could be better? Not a lot actually – we had a fabulous time from start to finish.

However one of the real highlights of the whole affair was, of course, tribal based. For the past few weeks we had been chatting and plotting and plan hatching with our beautiful friend and inspirational teacher, Deirdre Macdonald of HipswithAttitude up in sunny Troon (not too far from Glasgow, which is where we were headed). Yep – plotting, planning and practising for a very special tribal collaboration ….. Sakura were going to perform with Deirdre at the Glasgow Festival of Arabic dance on Saturday! Squeee – sooooo exciting!

Although we have done a good number of GC style workshops with Deirdre (in case you don’t remember my very first taste of tribal was with her!), have chatted, shared an apartment in Milan and danced with her in Paulette and LST workshops, performing together – improv of course – was a whole new ballgame! So we had been drilling and practising and listening to the music over and over (The Huntress – one of my favourite tracks!) and chatting and Facebooking and Skyping . We had established moves we all knew and Deirdre had challenged us by adding a couple of less familiar ones to our repertoire which was fab. We had – naturally – talked costuming at great length and Deirdre had added a gorgeous new skirt to HER repertoire! As I said before : Squeee – sooooo exciting!

Of course we had had our moments too. Our crises of confidence, not wanting to let Deirdre down, dancing in an unfamiliar setting away from the comfort zone of our local haflas. But hey – it’s good to challenge yourself and we headed up that motorway with a sense of calm and slightly nervous anticipation. We had prepared all that we could, we had time for some final run-throughs (actually also FIRST run throughs with all three of us together in the flesh!) and our improv now was in the lap of the gods and goddesses!

And those gods and goddesses smiled upon us! After a beautiful few minutes where Deirdre led us in grounding and centring ourselves which seriously helped to put us ‘in the moment’ we hit that dance floor and were ready to go! And boy was it fun …… we loved every second of it! We LOVE dancing with Deirdre – she is so encouraging and smiley and joyful! And it seemed to go well … folk seemed to enjoy it! Improv spoke that night – there was tribal connection and lurrve and all of that rocking the rafters of St Andrews in the Square (incidentally a totally awesome venue!!!). The power of tribal reached out and brought us together across the miles as we danced together in perfect harmony.  

I do just need to give a shout out here for everyone else that we met over the weekend – friends old and new. Also to say a big thank you to the event organisers for putting together such a wonderful, friendly festival. And as for the hafla – wow! We were blown away by the performances (just a few of the performers are pictured here) – so well prepared, beautifully costumed and delivered with such professionalism – and yes, with true joy!!! It was a fantastic day!

But of course our biggest ‘thank you’ goes to our tribal sister, Deirdre – for putting up with us and trusting us and having faith in us and sharing that dance floor with us. It was an honour and a privilege to dance with you – and shows the true Power of Tribal!

We love ya Mrs!!

Until next time – happy dancing!

Deirdre  -  - is based in Troon, Ayrshire, where she teaches Gypsy Caravan Tribal Style classes. She is Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance™ Collective Soul Level 5 certified and is a Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance™ Level 3 Teacher.
Oh – and she ROCKS!!!!