Sunday, 5 January 2014

So what's important?

As I've been planning and preparing and getting ready for the first tribal class of 2014 on Monday, I've been doing that dangerous stuff again - yes folks, I've been thinking! In class this term we're working on some quite  specific stuff as regards stylisation and props - stuff that will underpin our next Wild Heart performance in May. And that key word is one I have emphasised to my class - UNDERPIN. The classes are NOT all about performance. If you come to class but choose not to perform, you will get just as much out of it as the ones who do move on to perform using the new skills they've learned. It's not all about the performance. It's about the dance. Classes are about the dance.

And with all that running through my head, this blog from Shay Moore from back in August - which also links into a great blog from Rina Rall - really spoke to me.

Great thoughts on learning, on what to expect from ourselves, on the whole process - and on putting performance into perspective too. To quote Shay :
'As a student, our job is to enjoy the journey. Take our time, process every stage of our growth, and really sink into the details ........  Performances are brief. Classes and rehearsals are where the real meat of dance lies. If you don't love your time learning and pushing yourself in the classroom, you won't ever truly love dancing on a stage.'
Great thoughts for a new year and new term!
Until next time, happy dancing!