Saturday, 17 May 2014

Feelin' Proud!

Well hello everyone -it's Cayte here! Just a short blog today to keep you all in the old Sakura loop!

Tomorrow we are going to be performing at Lowton Hafla - our first performance since early February (although we have still been dancing together every week), just bcause of - well, all sorts of stuff. We're really, really looking forward to it, as you can imagine .... but there's something that we're looking forward to even more!!
As you know I teach weekly Gypsy Caravan Tribal Style classes in sunny old Wigan and a more beautiful bunch of souls you really couldn't wish for! Lovely (and slightly crazy!) (well they would have to be, dancing with us!!) There is such diversity among them and yet they just all work so well together! Us Sakura girls just love them! Love teaching them , love being with them, love dancing with them!

Anyway, tomorrow Sakura, as well as dancing in their own right, will be dancing as WildHearts! Yes, that's the name of the class group and yes, they so are!! But the really important word in the last sentence is the AS. You see, when we have performed together in the past it's always been 'Sakura AND the WildHearts' (shades of Joan Jett there!) --- with Sakura taking the lead and playing a strong supportive role. But now it's time for our students to stretch their wings and SOAR! Tomorrow we will be right there on that dance floor with them but in the chorus -- yipping and zaghareeting them on as they dance together in true tribal sisterhood!
Over the past few months in class Jan and I have really seen them grow so much -- having missed a couple of weeks Jan commented how they had come together as one group, one shared purpose, one tribal vision. And yes, they have - working on things together, taking confident, strong leads or being that powerful supportive follower, laughing, loving, connecting. They have always been a great group and have always got on together, but this year something really special has happened. That Tribal Magic has struck!
WildHearts, it will be an honour to dance with you all tomorrow. Jan and I are so proud of you all! You are seriously going to ROCK that dancefloor and we can't wait to be there! Love you ladies ....  TRIBAL ROCKS!!

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