Friday, 23 May 2014


They did it and they did it GOOOOOOOOOD!!!

Our beautiful class troupe, The WildHearts, rocked it out at Lowton Hafla on Sunday and we are so proud of them!

Some sultry shawl work to start us off ....

Fran, Laura and Jenny!

Followed by swishing skirts ...
Bev, Sue and Sue
See them fly!!!
And some sizzling Spanish styled tribal ....
Audrey, Cody and Janet
All topped off with a good old Knee Slap Combo!
Fran, Laura, Cayte
Take a bow ladies - you deserve it!!!
Jenny (well, Jenny's arm!!), Fran, Bev, Sue, Laura, Cayte, Sue, Jan, Cody, Janet, Laura
Sakura loved it and were honoured to dance with you!!
On a different note ------ Sakura later rocked out to a bit of Korn!!
Cayte and Jan
We really had a great afternoon! Lowton Hafla is always a fab day out - friendly, relaxed but well organised, lots of variety, good shopping and amazing food!!! What more could you want? We are looking forward to the next one on October 19th - which will be the 20th that Sue & Julie have organised and so will be even more special than usual!!
Looking forward - tonight we have a Sakura roadtrip over to Keighley in West Yorkshire to another hafla. We aren't performing as Sakura here though - I'm having a night off and will be chilling in the audience and cheering on Jan as she breaks out her Gothy side with Cryptic! (Some day I will MAKE her blog on here and tell you all about her Goth fusion roots!). Our next performance outing together as Sakura will then be in a couple of weeks in Southport ... fun times ahead!!!
Until next time --- Happy Dancing!
Big thank-yous to Ian Woodward of for all the photos in this blog!

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