Monday, 18 August 2014

Collective Soul : Change Your Life!

I am just back from THE most amazing trip to the home of Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance - Portland, Oregon. I have so much to share with you - thoughts, reflections, connections, experiences, tribal love. But at the moment I am still processing it all; I need a little time to work out how all these posts that I need to write for you will flow and hang together. 

However I do have something to say that, for YOUR sakes, really can't wait. Next month - September - there will be opportunities in locations in several countries across the globe for you to start your Gypsy Caravan Collective Soul journey. 

Seriously - you do not want to miss this. I could say a lot, lot more (and indeed will in a future, longer post) but just wanted to get the message out now whilst there's still time for you to register. Paulette Rees-Denis has created something REALLY special here. Collective Soul is so much more than just a dance course. Yes, of course tribal bellydance is central to it but, like tribal, the course will reach parts of you that you didn't think possible. Without doubt it has changed my life, changed my attitude and whole way of thinking. The further into that journey I go the deeper I go into rediscovering myself - that self that can so often get lost in day to day life and the expectations of others. Doing this training will set you on the path to being the best dancer you can be but will also open you to all sorts of new possibilities. 

If you only give yourself one gift this year let this be it. It will change your life. 

Go to for details of Collective Soul happenings this September. 

Until next time, happy dancing! 


  1. Wow!!!!
    many thanks and I am sooooo happy to read these words, about you! and how this work/fun/dance has affected you... how freakin amazing!
    thank you... for all you do...

  2. Cayte,
    From the moment we met, I knew I my CS experience was going to be enriched because of your presence in the class. Your words ring true for me as well, CS training has been a gift that I needed to continue to remind myself of my true basic needs; human connection and expression through dance. A shout out to Paulette for making it all happen!!
    It was such a pleasure to dance with you! I hope to do it again sometime soon!