Sunday, 30 November 2014

Another year, another helter-skelter ride!

Well hello world - it's been a while but it's good to talk to you again! New Year's resolution : to blog at least once a month! Things have just been so hectic lately that life has kind of overtaken us. But here we are, ready to have a look back and a reminisce about some of 2014's good times! Get ready for a helter-skelter journey through Sakura's year ...


New Year, new beginnings. New term of tribal classes in sunny old Wigan , new beginners' workshops. So much fun, so much to look forward to. Tribal Rocks! 

The performance year kicked off with us rocking out to a bit of Muse, by special invitation at Kate and Grays' party in Liverpool. An added bonus was hanging out with our old Sakura member, Sarah! 


Tribal travels down to the Majma festival in Glastonbury to take workshops with our fabulous mamma Paulette! A fab weekend and it was great to meet up with dance sisters from all over the UK (and Italy!) 


More tribal shenanigans, this time at the Jewel of Yorkshire festival in Bradford. Workshops with Deirdre, our UK Master Teacher, and the opportunity to represent Gypsy Caravan style up there on the stage. We were so honoured to be part of such an amazing experience! 


The year brought several opportunities to hop onto that dance floor along with the WildHearts (students from Cayte's classes). At Lowton hafla in May we sizzled out some Spanish styling! Sakura also brought that improv magic to a few other haflas - good times! 


Those of you who know Jan will also know that behind that beautiful smile is a bit of a dark side, which likes to sneak out every now and then via a bit of Gothic Bellydance! She's been performing with Cryptic this year and has now also joined Tanzhexen. Woo Hoo! Well done honey! 


Long, hot summer days saw Cayte heading across the pond to Portland, Oregon for more GC training and oh such mega good times! So many beautiful people and so much wonderful dancing - and a GC TT2 certificate to boot! Yay! 


Lots happening this month! Firstly the great experience of dancing at a local restaurant with the WildHearts. So much fun! 

Then it was into the car and up to one of our favourite cities, Glasgow! While Cayte did a review of GC CS2 (fab to reconnect with UK GC dancers) Jan browsed the art galleries. Evenings were hectic too - haflas, vegan food and dancing on the twilight shores of Loch Lomond! 

Then there was more WildHeart fun at Lowton's Autumn hafla. As it was a special 20th Anniversary Edition we all released our inner rock chicks! Yeah! 

Ooh - nearly forgot our mini roadtrip over the Pennines to the October JoY festival. How could we miss that one out? 


We had such a good weekend teaching and performing at the Learn Bellydance camp this month. It was a privilege to spend time with so many beautiful ladies - thank you all! 


And here we are at the end of the year - and it was back to the Havin restaurant in Southport for another WildHeart performance. Love these ladies! 

Wow - it's always a bit of a shock to see just how much you've managed to pack into a year! There's been so much we've had to leave out too - so much fun, laughter, friendship. Of course it hasn't all been plain sailing; real life has brought along more than its fair share of challenges and yes, kicks in the guts too  in 2014. But the joy, connection and support of this community has kept us going through it all - still dancing!!!

And yes, we'll be back with you in 2015. The diary is already starting to fill up and exciting plans are in the pipeline. The game's afoot! 

Wishing you all a peaceful and healing holiday season, however you may celebrate. 

Until next time - happy dancing!

Cayte x