Thursday, 15 January 2015

Why Are You Here?

We all dance for different reasons. For some of us it's to keep fit, to lose weight, to shape up. For others it's for meeting new people, laughing, having fun, dressing up, forgetting the world outside for a few hours each week. For yet more of us it's just for the sheer joy of the dance, the connection, the increased confidence and self esteem that comes from dancing together and from learning how to move our bodies in ways we never thought possible.

As a teacher, if I'm honest, it can sometimes be frustrating - seeing students who have great potential and yet who come to class only sporadically or who fall by the wayside after only a few classes. Maybe it's because I know what a huge difference tribal bellydance has made to my own life and I just want to share that with the world! When I first started to learn tribal I travelled over forty miles there and forty back for an hour's lesson. I drove for longer than I danced. I could count on one hand the number of lessons I missed in those first couple of years - I danced through crushing headaches, family bereavements, severe depression, bone tiredness and more. That's how much dancing meant to my life. With all that in mind I have had to make a real conscious effort to stand back and accept and respect that every student's reasons for being in my own class are different. And yes, that was hard at first and yes, I do need to remind myself even now! 

But I'm there now. I love my students! Some of them come for that hour of abandon and escapism every week. Some come for love of the little community we have built here in our corner of North West England. For some it's a way of staying healthy that is much more enjoyable and sustainable than visits to the gym. And all of that is ok ... It's all good! And then there are others - others in whom I see that growing passion, that spark of obsession! That love of the whole of this crazy, magical dance and the recognition of all the light and life it can bring! 

And my heart sings for each and every one of my students, no matter why they are there. If that hour that they spend with me brings just one tiny extra positive thing into their lives then as a dance teacher it's all been worthwhile. I love my students, I love being a dance teacher - but most of all I love this dance! Tribal Truly Rocks! 

Do you live in North West England? Do you want to dip your hips into the magical world of tribal bellydance? Do you want to feel the strength, power and joy that it can bring to your life? Then take that first wonderful step and join us on Monday evenings! 

We would LOVE to see you there - whatever your reasons might be!

Until next time, happy dancing! 

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