Thursday, 7 May 2015

Catching Up!

Hey - it's been a while! How are you all?

Whilst we might have been quiet over the past few weeks we certainly haven't been idle! Due to illness and injury we have been on a bit of a performance break, but we've still had lots to do both at our weekly practices and in between.

Weekly classes have continued in sunny old Wigan. It's been great to see some new faces getting into that tribal vibe, and the WildHearts have been working hard on their performance for Lowton Hafla in a couple of weeks - watch this space to find out how it went!

There have been a few haflas too, where we have been happy to chill, support and meet up with friends. And of course there have been Sakura ROADTRIPS. Oh how we love our roadtrips!

The first one was to the Jewel of Yorkshire festival in Saltaire where we played with swords and make up (not at the same time!). As I've said many times before this is a great, friendly festival with high quality teachers from both the UK and overseas. It's been going for over ten years now, every Spring and Autumn; sadly however the last few events have not been as well supported as they deserved and this festival is very much 'at risk'. UK dancers - you need to support this and events like it NOW, before it's too late! Workshops are really reasonably priced, it's handy for road and rail links, there's a fab souk, good (and cheap!) food, fabulous shows ..... there's something there for everyone. Get yourself along to the next one and don't let it die. You can find details at

Then last weekend it was off up the M6 to one of our very favourite dance places - Glasgow! Vegan food in Mono with two WildHearts, Gypsy Caravan workshops with Deirdre Macdonald and Cinzia di Cioccio and then a great hafla with some fabulous performances on the Saturday night. It was wonderful to catch up with some lovely, lovely friends (you all know who you are - I'm not going to list names as I'm bound to miss someone out!) and to just enjoy the warm, friendly atmosphere. On the Sunday, despite torrential rain, Sakura headed across country for a bit of historical culture at Edinburgh Castle. We had a great, if damp, day, visited not one but TWO tearooms and were very glad that we braved pretty horrendous queues to see the Scottish crown jewels exhibition. So much information there - it was fab! We were also partial to the Edinburgh trams, it has to be said - Park and Rides are wonderful things!

Although dancing during our practice time has been a bit limited due to Achilles tendons and other assorted ailments we have still been meeting regularly and plots and plans are afoot! New moves, funky music, props ...... all with that Sakura flavour. But you'll have to wait a few weeks for more on that!

Until next time, happy dancing!