Tuesday, 9 June 2015


Woah - it's June already and nearly half way through the year! Where is 2015 going at all? 
After a few bouts of illness/injury/life Sakura are getting ready for several upcoming performances over the next few months. As these go on you may start to notice a few differences ....

Most of you will know that Sakura have been performing Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance for a number of years now. However everything changes - and so do we. It's the right time now for us to explore, to wander down new pathways, to satisfy our 'Sakuriosity'. GC will still lie at the heart of our new endeavours ... providing those firm foundations - but we're already working on new moves, new music, new formations - all of which will fit into the funky aspects of GC that we love so much.

Delilah, in her book about performance talks about the level on which you connect with your audience. She mentions those dancers who come across as being 'above' their audience - superior, removed, not really connecting. Then there are those who I suppose you would say are 'beneath' their audience. I don't think I've seen many of these but I suppose they come across as little girls, begging to be liked? Then there is the final group - those who are on a level, together with their audience. Those whose dancing and demeanour screams out 'I'm having fun here and I'd love you to come along for the ride!'. It's this last group that us Sakura girls have always tried to be a part of. We want you with us, we want you to want to join us! This will be something that we really focus on as we grow and develop over the coming months! 

It won't happen overnight, but will be a gradual change - lots of work to be done here! We are both really excited about this next stage in our journey - and we hope that you will enjoy it too. We will keep you posted on here as to how it's all going and on our trials and tribulations!

Cayte's classes in Wigan will still follow the Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance Beginners and Intermediate syllabus. We both believe that it's important to have strong roots and to know and understand what those are, and are so grateful to Paulette Rees-Denis for those foundations that she has given to us with her beautiful dance style. We want to make sure that we pass that on to our students too! They will continue to perform Gypsy Caravan - sometimes 'flying alone' and sometimes joined by Sakura for the odd special performance! It is so good to see them all grow in skill and confidence, and to witness their beauty shining out. Love you ladies!

We hope to see some of you somewhere in the near future. We are very excited to be taking part in the Manchester Day Parade this Sunday, along with some of our WildHearts and other fabulous North West dancers. Our zills and turbans are at the ready, our tassels are tasselsied and we're all set to rock out a bit of old school tribal. Maybe a few of you will be there too? 

If not we will be at the Nile to the Mersey hafla in Liverpool on 20th and then will be shaking out our posh side (off duty as regards dance) at a Masquerade Ball on 27th. Good times ahead!!

Speak soon and in the meantime, happy dancing! 

Cayte & Jan xx


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