Wednesday, 17 June 2015

WildHearts On Parade!

Date : June 14th, 2015
Location: Manchester, England
Occasion : Manchester Day Parade! 

Yes, on Sunday Sakura were thrilled to be joined by WildHearts Audrey, Elaine and Sue, our old friend Kate, new friend Jean, drummer Andrew and of course photographer extraordinaire Ian (Jan's other half!) to parade through the streets of our local city as part of its annual Manchester Day celebrations! 

We were the Tribal Sagat Army - and  yes, we zilled as we went! Joined by dancing gypsies, harem fluffers, a battalion of Isis wings and some crazy flying carpets, all pulled together by the fabulous Michelle Pender, we zagareeted, shimmied and sashayed our way through the streets in front of, so I believe, a crowd of around 175,000. Scary stuff! 

The sun didn't smile on us - but then the rain stayed away too so we really can't complain! There was a fabulous party  atmosphere and some amazing costumes and creations from other groups. We had FUN - as you can see from all the smiles!!! 

For the occasion our costume theme was 'old school tribal' and we went the full hog with pantaloons, 25 yard skirts, lots of tassels, tribal bras, facial markings - and of course, turbans! This was a bit of a departure for us as we normally adopt a more pared-down, contemporary look - but it was great fun and really effective with the black and red colour code. And yes, it did take us all a couple of hours to get ready. And yes, we raised many eyebrows on our trips into/out of the city on the tram. And yes, it didn't take two hours to take the costume off again but it sure as heck felt like it (HOW many safety pins did I use???!). Not something we'll be adopting all the time - but definitely a really good choice for a special event like this one! 

Of course we weren't the only ones who had gone to so much trouble with our costumes ... There were the two suffragettes on stilts on huge bicycles, the aeroplane complete with 'Amelia Earhart', the fabulous peacock, the amazing griffin (complete with moving head!), the uncostumed but adorable Irish wolfhounds and oh so many other spectacular sights! It was just fabulous! There was a fantastic sense of community between all the paraders and the crowd ... Although I did manage to miss seeing at least four people I know who were amongst those lining the streets (sorry - but hey, I didn't even know what street I was on most of the time, let alone who was in the crowd!!). 

So yes - it was a great day! And would we do it again? Definitely!!! Huge thanks have to go to Michelle who masterminded our part in it and brought together dancers from across the North West to craft and giggle and dance together as one community! You are a star!!!

Thank you too to Ian Craven who is responsible for all the photos in this post - great memories of good times! 

I'll finish now with a few more of our favourite WildHeart/Sakura photos. 

Ready for the tram ride : Jan, Kate and Kate

More trammers : WildHearts Sue, Elaine and Audrey 

Drummer Andy (right) and guest WildHeart Jean (centre)

Another great one of Andy

Well hello there!! Sue, Jan and Kate

Community spirit : Elise had to wrap her wings around Jan to keep her warm as we waited to parade. 

Looking cool, calm and collected before the parade - nobody had mentioned 175,000 people at this point!

And finally a sneaky selfie  (not from Ian this time). Some of the group were cultured and went for coffees in the museum. Others (ahem) went to the pub. Guess who?

Until next time, happy dancing! X

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  1. Brilliant blog as always - happy days 😀😀 xx